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    COPE Competition!

    …Please send suggestions by 15 September…
  • Case

    Is this previous publication?

    A manuscript was submitted to our journal and, on running a routine CrossCheck report, we found that it contained a 68% match (over 5000 words) to a report from a funded project by the authors that had recently been published online. Because the similarity match was so high, we rejected the manuscript. The author is now contesting the rejection, arguing that the funded project had…
  • Case

    Potential case of plagiarism

    …submitted paper contains numerous full paragraphs identical to those in the previous paper.  We also suspect that fraud may be involved. For example, the submitted paper reports data on 28 patients (72% male and 28% female); clinical sign 1 was present in 68%; sign 2 in 26%; sign 3 in 9% and one was asymptomatic. A particular investigation was diagnostic in 45%. In the first paper, 47 infants were…
  • Membership subscription fees

    …width:100%">Number of journals Fees per year 3751 to 4000 £68,142 3501 to 3750 £65,945 3251 to 3500 £63,471 3001 to 3250 £60,724 2751 to 3000 £57,702 2501 to 2750 £54,405 2251 to 2500…
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    In the news: May 2021

    …discussion can be found here. Peer review CUP has recently published an open access book “Reading Peer Review”, in which the authors analyse the database of peer review reports at PLOS One to gain…
  • Case

    Request for a retraction of a retraction

    …remain on the drug being tested (perhaps treatment should be limited anyway, perhaps the drug is not licensed or available). The retracted paper showed few losses over 12–65 months of follow-up: 67 were in the experimental group, 65 completed; 68 were controls, 65 completed. Our journal recognises that nothing in this paragraph proves misconduct. We do not know why the author of the retracted…
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    In the news: October 2018 Digest

    …register the trials at In a study of the EU guidance to report trial results within a 1-year time frame, investigators found that only 11% of university-led trials complied, while 68% of those run by companies did so.  This data…