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  • Event

    COPE Forum: 23 September 2014

    COPE's September Forum will be on Tuesday, 23 September 2014 at 3-5pm (British Summer Time). The Forum will be by Webinar.…
  • News

    COPE Australian Seminar 23 June 2014

    COPE is delighted to announce its 3rd Australian Seminar, which will take place at the Karstens Melbourne Conference Rooms, 123 Queen Street, Melbourne, Australia, on Monday 23 June 2014. The theme of the seminar is “Publication ethics from student to professional”. For more information and to register, click here.…
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    Neicon 7th International Scientific and Practical Conference

    Behrooz Astaneh, COPE Council member, is speaking at this conference titled "2018: Editorial Policy, Open Access, Scientific Communications".
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    COPE Forum: Tuesday 23 March 2021

    The 23 March 2021 COPE Forum will be held at 14:00-15:30pm (GMT). COPE Members can now register to attend the March Forum; the deadline to register is Monday 22 March. The discussion topic will be on the subject on publication ethics and books. This will be…
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    COPE Forum agenda and materials: 23 September 2014 meeting

    The next COPE Forum meeting is being held on Tuesday 23 September, 3–5pm (British Summer Time). The COPE Forum will be held virtually via webinar. Download the agenda and materials here (PDF, 805kb). The invitation to join the webinar is below. We can accommodate up to 100 attendees, so please register…
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    FORUM DISCUSSION TOPIC: Standard retraction form

    The Forum discussion topic on Tuesday 23 September is related to producing a “Standard retraction form”. Read more and please do leave your comments.…
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    Dates of future COPE meetings

    2011 Monday 7 March 2011 (deadline for cases 21 February) Monday 6 June 2011 (deadline for cases 23 May) Tuesday 6 September 2011 (deadline for cases 23 August) Tuesday 6 December 2011 (deadline for cases 22 November) All Forum meetings are 3–5pm, in the Council Chamber, Royal College of Paediatrics and Child Health, 5-11 Theobalds Road,…
  • Forum discussion topics

    COPE Forum 23 September 2014: Standard retraction form

    Hervé Maisonneuve, Université de Lyon, France, suggested “a standard retraction form” as the topic for discussion at this Forum. Background Retractions are often used as a proxy for publication quality. Retractions have been studied with cohorts of various sizes over differing time periods. Time after time these studies have pointed out that there is often…
  • Event

    American Chemical Society (ACS) Webinars. Catching Errors: Peer Review and Retractions in Publishing

    COPE council member Charon Pierson is one of the speakers at this ACS webinar on Thursday 16 April, 2–3pm (ET). Joining is free. Click here for more details and to register.…
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    Call for Cases for COPE Forum, 6 September

    …submissions is Tuesday 23 August.…
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    Audio versions of December Forum cases now online

    You can now listen to the cases presented at the December COPE Forums in audio. Listen to the full discussion and hear how the Forum members debated the issue and the conclusions they arrived at. The December cases start from Case Number 11-23 (Possible…
  • News

    Election of COPE council members May 2012

    Voting for the 5 vacancies on COPE council is now open and will remain open until Wednesday 23 May 2012. All Full and Associate Members are entitled to vote. Please note: there is only one vote per journal title, even for  journals with multiple editors. The vote should be cast by the Member editor, who is usually the Editor-in-Chief, or otherwise by the nominated contact for…
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    Standards in authorship webinar

    On Thursday 29 June 2-3pm we're holding our first webinar for information, shared discussion and practical advice on common authorship issues faced by COPE members. Three guest speakers will present their views: Deborah Poff, Editor-in-Chief Journal of Academic Ethics; Kelly Cobey Senior Clinical Research Associate at Ottawa Hospital Research Institute, Ottawa, Canada; Liz Allen,…
  • Event

    Peer review week

    19-23 September 2022 "Research integrity: creating and supporting trust in research" is the theme of this year's Peer Review Week. Peer Review Week is a community-led yearly global virtual event celebrating the essential role that peer review plays in maintaining research quality.  Peer Review Week celebrates the value of peer review that brings together…
  • Event

    Medical Journal Editors: Short Course 2019

    This international workshop (in its 23rd year) is designed to help editors ensure their journals achieve the maximum impact with the best research. The programme looks at the world of publishing, attracting (and keeping) good authors; ensuring quality and increasing…
  • Seminars and webinars

    Seminar 2021: Ethical practice in research data publication - challenges, lessons and opportunities

    … Over the past decade, we have seen a marked increase in the publication of research data, driven by journal, funder, and institutional policies. This has brought ethical challenges specific to datasets, which can affect the journal publication related to the…
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    EASE/ISMTE joint meeting

    23-24 September 2013, Blankenberge, Belgium COPE will be holding an interactive workshop at the joint meeting of the European Association of Science Editors (EASE) and the International Society of Managing and Technical Editors (ISMTE). In this workshop, a number of cases based on real-life examples brought to COPE, and covering some of the most pressing problems currently…
  • Event

    COPE Australian seminar 2014

    Registration is now open for the COPE Australian seminar, which will take place on Monday 23 June…