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    …website –– Third party cookies –– Google Analytics cookies –– COPE Privacy policy and questions What are cookies? Cookies are small text files that are downloaded and stored on your computer or mobile device when you visit a website.  COPE uses cookies to support the…
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    Diversifying editorial boards

    …="*ne2r3a*_ga*NTY0NjIzMjQ2LjE1MzQxNTI0MTY.*_ga_60R758KFDG*MTYyODI1ODUxMi4xNDIuMS4xNjI4MjU4NTE4LjA.*_ga_RK7MQ5ZZVZ*MTYyODI1ODUxMi44NC4xLjE2MjgyNTg1MTguMA..">Research shows that journals with diverse editorial boards are more likely to publish more diverse research articles – in terms of diversity of topics and diversity of authors. This in turn increases the breadth…
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    …aspect related to the information detailed in this Privacy Information Notice, please send an email to the COPE Web Manager, Dom Mitchell: [email protected]     11) OTHER INFORMATION WE COLLECT ON THIS SITE 11.a Google Analytics Google Analytics (GA