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  • News

    In the news: February 2022

    …(FAST), which have been developed for creating, responding to, and interpreting preprint feedback. Diversity Panelists and participants at the 43 Annual meeting of the Society for Scholarly Publishing DEI sessions
  • Case

    Possible plagiarism and fabrication

    …the authors of the first paper concluded that 43 patients per group were required; the authors of the second paper concluded from the same power analysis that 17 patients were needed. 8. In the second paper, the reported incidences of nausea and vomiting with drugs A, B, and placebo are sometimes identical and sometimes different from those reported in the first paper. 9. For all drug A vs placebo,…
  • COPE Privacy Policy

    …post-event feedback or materials.   2.g Complaints Procedure We use the email address and name to make contact with the complainant   3) HOW WE STORE PERSONAL DATA. 3.a Journal and Publisher Membership Applications The applications are held in a database within the back end of the COPE website. The back end of the web…
  • News

    Diversity in Peer Review: Survey Results

    …important than diversity • My employer/publication (N=384)…  …has achieved an ideal level of diversity in its peer reviewer pool (37%)  …values diverse involvement and opinions in its peer review process (71%)  …has policies to respond appropriately to alleged cases of discrimination in its peer review process (43%)  …has diversity policies for…
  • News

    A vision for a more trans-inclusive publishing world: guest article

    …in our experience. Thus we recommend this as an ideal to aspire to, with the understanding that (in the absence of a radical change to the infrastructures of digital record keeping and publishing) the most we can aspire to is a “good faith” attempt at comprehensiveness. 3. Invisibility Name changes should not draw attention to the gender identity of an author, nor create a clear…