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  • News

    COPE council members re-elected

    COPE is very pleased to announce the re-election of two COPE council members following our recent elections: Behrooz Astaneh ( and Geraldine Pearson (
  • Case

    Concerns about the reliability of findings following re-analysis of a dataset from a published article

    …available to the editors and the reader. The reader has re-analyzed the datasets provided by the authors and he indicates that his results do not support the conclusions reported in the article. The re-analysis has been evaluated by the editorial board member who previously commented on the article and he agreed that the reliability of the findings in the article is compromised by the results of…
  • Seminars and webinars

    North American Seminar 2015: Let’s all agree on what we’re counting and how: Progress on standards for new metrics in scholarship

    …Download presentation: Let’s all agree on what we’re counting and how: Progress on standards for new metrics in scholarship [PDF, 4990KB]…
  • Event

    COPE China Seminar 2017

    We're excited to announce that we're holding our 1st China Seminar in 2017, with the theme The Pillars of Publication Ethics, in collaboration with the ISMTE. Talks and an interactive cases workshop will cover best practice in: authorship, peer review and plagiarism.  Follow topics for discussion and materials translated into Chinese #C0PEChina
  • Case

    Extensive publication errors. Should we 're-publish'?

    The Forum agreed that a new, error-free, version of the paper should be available but it is essential that this is linked to the old version so that readers are aware of the correct version. Hence it would not be appropriate to “re-publish” in another issue. The Forum suggested contacting the former publisher and asking them what they can do to correct the article. Failing that, another…
  • News

    COPE Webinar: Current Issues in Peer Review, Thursday 14 September 4-5pm (BST)

    As part of this year's Peer Review Week we're running a webinar: Current Issues in Peer Review. We will be discussing the topical issues in peer review that are faced by COPE members and have three guest speakers who will present their views, given their experience in this area. Read more…
  • News

    COPE Competition!

    Can you sum up COPE in a single phrase? We're looking for a new slogan for our homepage. Can you suggest something better than 'Helping journals to get their houses in order'? If we get lots of good suggestions we may ask members to vote on them. There's no prize except the chance to know your creative talents have contributed to our website! Click on the link below to submit your suggestion.…
  • News

    Standards in authorship webinar

    On Thursday 29 June 2-3pm we're holding our first webinar for information, shared discussion and practical advice on common authorship issues faced by COPE members. Three guest speakers will present their views: Deborah Poff, Editor-in-Chief Journal of Academic Ethics; Kelly Cobey Senior Clinical Research Associate at Ottawa Hospital Research Institute, Ottawa, Canada; Liz Allen,…
  • News

    Website refresh

    We've updated the engine behind the COPE website which will help users find what they're looking for more quickly. This means greatly improved search functionality, more granular filtering, simplified navigation throughout the site and a refreshed design. This will be the first release in a series to improve the browsing experience. The decision to embark on this project was in response…
  • News

    Welcome to new COPE Council members

    Following our recent elections, we're delighted to welcome six new Council Members to COPE. Each of our Council members brings their own experience, knowledge and skills to help us all work towards improving ethical practice in the publication of research in our community. Eleanor Gendle Executive Editor at The Institution of Engineering and Technology, UK
  • Case

    Partial disclosure of redundancy?

    …that in the other journal. References to this in the introduction and discussion were brief in the extreme and did not indicate in any way that the authors were re-studying, or re-reporting the same patients or data set.…
  • News

    COPE shortlisted for Publons Sentinel Award: outstanding advocacy, innovation or contribution to #PeerReview

    …--------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- We're delighted to be shortlisted for the Publons Sentinel Award for outstanding advocacy, innovation or contribution to scholarly peer review. The winner will be announced on Tuesday 19th September.…
  • News

    In the news: September 2018 Digest

    …prestigious="" proportion="" re="" review="" review:="" single-blinded="" specific="" status="" study="" style="font-family: arial,<br /> #PeerReviewWeek18<br /> <br /><a data-cke-saved-href=" submit="" successful="" target="_blank" that="" the="" they="" to="" twitter="""" ty="" uptake="" versus="" view="" when="" with="">How do young career-scientists think peer…
  • News

    Welcome to COPE's new Trustee

    …COPE's new Trustee Suzanne Farley We're pleased to welcome Suzanne Farley as COPE's new Trustee, bringing years of experience in publication ethics. Suzanne is Research Integrity Director at Springer Nature. Springer Nature's Research Integrity Group provides policy…
  • News

    AGM 2017

    At COPE's recent AGM in November, Zoë Mullan, Ginny Barbour, Sally Weatherill and Adrian Ziderman stepped down as Trustees of COPE, at the end of their term. It is only possible to do the work of COPE with our hugely committed Trustees and we thank them for all their work. Mirjam Curno was re-elected to a seond…
  • News

    COPE Forum 3 February: Register & agenda

    …(Unfortunately we have had to cancel the 8am (GMT) Forum. The 4pm (GMT) Forum has a few places available so please do register, by clicking the link above, if this time is possible for you. We're sorry to all those who registered for the 8am Forum for any inconvenience caused.) Forum discussion topic: Disclosed conflicts of interest Disclosure of conflicts of interest is essential to preserving…
  • Case

    Dual publication

    …duplicate publication (ie, if he can review the translated published paper and determine the degree of overlap between the two papers), then he should re-instate the paper on the website along with a notice of duplicate publication. The editor should follow the flowchart on ‘Suspected redundant publication in a published article’. He should contact the authors for an explanation. If no response or an…
  • Case

    Authors requesting withdrawal of articles from similarity check database in order to re-publish

    An author's institution requires that authors publish a set amount of times per year in journals that are indexed by Scopus in order to retain their tenure. The author submits to an open access journal and their paper is published after processing charges are paid. After publication the journal is dropped from the Scopus index. The author asks for the paper to be withdrawn by the journal so tha…