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  • COPE strategic report 2020

    …Council Members for their commitment as volunteers, the members and partners who support COPE, many of who also commit their time to undertaking COPE activities, and our employed team at COPE, all of who have worked hard for COPE under difficult circumstances during the past year.  COPE strategic report 2020 (PDF, 4.4MB)…
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    COPE Members: update your member details

    …website (Sign in: top right hand corner tab) *If you have forgotten your password, enter your username (usually your email address) and request a new password You’ll see…
  • Case

    “Inadvertent” duplicate publication

    A paper submitted for consideration in March 1997 was peer reviewed, successfully modified, and accepted for publication in June 1997. In January 1998 the paper was prepared for publication, and a commentary sought from an expert in the same field, scheduled for publication in the same issue. The expert drew the editor’s attention to the fact that a similar paper (albeit in shortened form) had…
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    COPE Forum 3 February: Register & agenda

    Taking part in the Forum allows members to contribute to, as well as learn from, the cases being discussed. Register now as the Forum is limited to 100 attendees. Deadline to register: Thursday 2 February Register 4pm Forum 4 - 5.30pm GMT  
  • Research

    Exploring publication ethics in the arts, humanities, and social sciences: A COPE study 2019

    …">Survey findings Completed by more than 650 journal editors (not solely COPE members), the study showed the following key findings: 64% of respondents encountered issues addressing language and writing quality barriers while seeking to remain inclusive.  58% reported detecting plagiarism as the most serious issue they dealt with, followed by fraudulent submissions (44%) and data or image…
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    Diversifying editorial boards

    …="*ne2r3a*_ga*NTY0NjIzMjQ2LjE1MzQxNTI0MTY.*_ga_60R758KFDG*MTYyODI1ODUxMi4xNDIuMS4xNjI4MjU4NTE4LjA.*_ga_RK7MQ5ZZVZ*MTYyODI1ODUxMi44NC4xLjE2MjgyNTg1MTguMA..">Research shows that journals with diverse editorial boards are more likely to publish more diverse research articles – in terms of diversity of topics and diversity of authors. This in turn increases the breadth…
  • Publication ethics issues in AHSS: New study

    …following key findings: 64% of respondents encountered issues addressing language and writing quality barriers while seeking to remain inclusive.  58% reported detecting plagiarism as the most serious issue they dealt with, followed by fraudulent submissions (44%) and data or image fabrication (31%). Recognising and dealing with bias in peer reviewer comments was an issue…
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    Letter from the COPE co-Chairs: June 2018

    …Public Health, 92, 1079-1084. Whicher, D., Kass, N., Saghai, Y., Faden, R., Tunis, S., Pronovost, P. (2015). The views of quality improvement professionals and comparative effectiveness of research on ethics, IRB’s, and oversight.  Journal of Empirical Research on Human Research Ethics, 10, 132-44. Doi: …
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    Standards in Authorship webinar summary

    …familiar with CRediT, 44% had not used CRediT but would try it in future, 12% had already used CRediT and 2% had not used CRediT and would not use in future. The CRediT project encourages feedback here.   Authorship issues remain one of the most common concerns for COPE members and COPE has created dedicated…
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    In the news: January 2018 Digest

    …=" " target="_blank">    Journal management More on predatory journals….
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    In the news: March Digest

    …policies, features, and practices of 44 preprint platforms in the life and biomedical sciences were presented during a recent ASAPbio workshop on preprints. The workshop was attended by Iratxe Puebla, COPE’s Facilitation and Integrity Officer, and approximately 30 other stakeholders with the goal of developing an agreed set of best practices for metadata and processes to support the discoverability, use,…
  • COPE Privacy Policy

    …laptops.   3.g Complaints Procedure Personal data is stored in the back end of the website, submitted via an online form. Some data is held in an online form in our secure Google Drive.   4) HOW WE PROCESS PERSONAL DATA 4.a Journal and Publisher Membership Applications The data provided in applications is…
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    In the news: April 2020

    …2019, the Preprints I/O Workshop explored ways to expand and leverage the preprint platform. This is a report from a survey of 44 platforms that host…
  • New UK Panel for Research Integrity

    …responded, 40% of whom reported instances of research misconduct within the previous five years. And 44% of them reported allegations in the area of health and biomedical sciences. This confirmed this initial thinking that this was the area of greatest need. There has been some debate in UUK as to whether the areas should be broader, but we need to start with the…
  • Seminars and webinars

    Webinar 2021: Diversity, equity and inclusion

    …popular request is for Guidelines to be created (34% of votes), along with Flowcharts (26%) to aid decision making and increase confidence in processes to follow should any incidences of questionable material appear. Guidelines - 103 Flowchart - 80 Discussion Document - 55 Webinars/Workshops - 44 Editorials - 21 Other - 2 None Needed…
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    A vision for a more trans-inclusive publishing world: guest article

    …previous (obsolete) name. Without an announcement or notice of correction, the chances of third parties updating the name in their records drops substantially. This is a place where new infrastructures are needed, as current publishing and dissemination systems are not designed to push discrete updates of names to third parties. 4. Expediency and simplicity Name changes should be…
  • Guidelines

    Cooperation between research institutions and journals on research integrity cases

    …of this see reference11).  References 1. Wager E. Coping with scientific misconduct. BMJ 2011;343:d6586 2. Wager E. What do journal editors do when they suspect research misconduct? Medicine & Law 2007;26:535-44 3. Sox HC & Rennie D. Research misconduct, retraction, and cleansing the medical literature: lessons from the Poehlman case. Annals of…