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  • Event

    COPE Forum: Wednesday 22 June 2022

    …Forum agenda On 22 June 2022 the COPE Forum will be held at 14:00-15:30pm (BST / UTC+1) 1. Update Update on COPE activities by the Chair. 2. Forum discussion topic We begin the COPE Forum with a discussion on the topic Dealing with…
  • Event

    COPE Forum: September 2022

    …submitted by COPE members for discussion at the Forum. 22-08 Author accused of sexual harassment 22-09 Dealing with cases with culturally offensive content 22-10
  • Event

    COPE European Seminar 2013

    The COPE European Seminar 2013 will take place in London, on 22 March 2013. Click here for more details and to register.…
  • Event

    Ask COPE

    The next Ask COPE will be held on Wednesday 22 October 2014 at 2pm (British Summer Time). Further details can be found on the website here. …
  • Seminars and webinars

    European Seminar 2013: Posters

    …Poster: Experiences of unethical practices in a leading Pakistani biomedical journal [PDF 22KB]
  • News

    CSE/COPE Joint Webinar on Authorship: recordings now online

    The recordings and presentations from the Council of Science Editors/COPE Joint Webinar on Authorship held on October 22, 2012 are now available to download from the CSE website.…
  • Event

    COPE Forum: Thursday 14 October 2021

    The 14 October 2021 COPE Forum will be held at 14:00-15:30pm BST (UTC + 1).
  • Event

    2018 Events

    COPE Council members have been busy talking about COPE at meetings and conferences across the globe.  
  • Event

    International Society for Medical Publication Professionals (ISMPP) Annual Meeting

    ISMPP is offering a 10% registration discount to COPE members for its 16th Annual Meeting, The Evolving Role of the Scientific Communications Professional in an Open World, 20-22 April 2020, in Washington, DC. Check out the meeting at, and enter 16AMCOPE in the…
  • Event

    Medical Editors short course

    This international workshop (in its 22nd year) for editors looks at:(1) How to publish better content, and(2) How to increase journal impact. Run with only 25 participants, the course is highly interactive and allows editors to discover solutions for their own…
  • News

    Dates of future COPE meetings

    2011 Monday 7 March 2011 (deadline for cases 21 February) Monday 6 June 2011 (deadline for cases 23 May) Tuesday 6 September 2011 (deadline for cases 23 August) Tuesday 6 December 2011 (deadline for cases 22 November) All Forum meetings are 3–5pm, in the Council Chamber, Royal College of Paediatrics and Child Health, 5-11 Theobalds Road,…
  • Case

    Yet more attempted duplicate publication

    A study submitted to a journal was sent out for external review. The reviewer pointed out that it was essentially a shorter version of a paper already published elsewhere. The authors had referenced this paper, but did not make clear that the submitted paper was simply a summary of the other published paper. Nor did they mention the other paper in the covering letter, or include a copy of it. O…
  • Flowcharts

    How to recognise potential manipulation of the peer review process

    …="">COPE’s 2016 North American Seminar. The features or patterns of activity shown in the infographic are suggested to help Editors recognise potential signs of peer review manipulation. Often it is the occurrence of these features in combination that may indicate a potential issue, and…
  • Event

    Annual Scientific Congress of Iranian Society of Medical Editors in association with COPE

    …International editors as well as Iranian and regional editors will be present. The seminar is free for COPE members but numbers are limited. For more information and to register, please visit the congress website: Registration will close on 22 October 2011.…
  • Event

    ISMPP European Meeting 2019

    ISMPP is offering a 10% registration discount to COPE members for its 2019 European Meeting, Scientific Communications in a Fast-Paced World: Fighting Fit for the Future, 22-23 January, in London, UK. Learn more about the meeting at, and enter EU19COPE10 in the “Discount Code” field when you…
  • Ombudsman's Reports

    …the COPE Ombudsman (Download PDF, 26kb, uploaded 22 June 2010). Lessons from a case of overlapping publications Download the report on the case referred to the COPE Ombudsman (
  • Flowcharts

    How to recognise potential authorship problems

    How to recognise potential authorship problems. How to recognise potential authorship problems
  • Case

    Confidentiality and conflict of interest

    A paper reporting an attitudinal study was sent for peer review. The editor received a letter from the reviewer stating that as he was personally acknowledged in the paper, he felt there was a conflict of interest and so unable to review the paper. The reviewer also pointed out that the research in question was part of a larger commissioned project with strict conditions of confidentiality. Th…
  • Case

    Author accused of sexual harassment

    This case is to be discussed at the next COPE Forum on 27 September 2022 A reviewer for Journal X declined to review a paper as author Y has been the subject of a sexual harassment investigation. Author Y left the institute before the result of the investigation, thereby avoiding the outcome of the case. There i…
  • Event

    COPE Forum: Tuesday 23 March 2021

    The 23 March 2021 COPE Forum will be held at 14:00-15:30pm (GMT). COPE Members can now register to attend the March Forum; the deadline to register is Monday 22 March. The discussion topic will be on the subject on publication ethics and books. This will be…