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    Protein & Cell

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    COPE endorsement of TOP Guidelines

    …href="">TOP) Guidelines are a welcome extension of these principles into more basic science and we are pleased to endorse them and encourage our members to consider them in their own guidelines.Specifically we support the table which clearly lays out different levels of transparency and how journals can increase transparency. In addition, we welcome the…
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    Upcoming CrossRef webinars

    …the web. Learn more about this new exciting initiative from CrossRef. Date: Tuesday, February 12, 2013Time: 8:00 am (San Francisco), 11:00 am (New York), 4:00 pm (London)Moderator: Rachael Lammey
  • Seminars and webinars

    European Seminar 2011: Systematic review of authorship research across research disciplines

    …Download presentation: Systematic review of authorship research across research disciplines  [PDF, 800KB]…
  • Event

    #FeedbackASAP: growing preprint review

    …21, 2021, 4:00 - 8:00pm BST…
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    COPE workshop August 2019: Santiago, Chile

    …at San Pedro de Atacama, a beautiful venue in the North of Chile. COPE hopes to be there again with this workshop and thus expanding the use of COPE resources that have been translated into Spanish for a broader audience in Latin America.
  • Case

    Availability of reagents

    …first described in our journal, the authors have clearly not broken the letter of the undertaking, but there is a more generic principle to ask the committee to discuss. A search on Google Scholar yields over 800 articles that describe cell line X, in a number of different journals. Some of these have less qualified author undertakings, stating that reasonable access to reagents should be…
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    Reducing the inadvertent spread of retracted science

    …href="">Hsiao & Schneider, manuscript). Science Magazine recently analyzed 200 post-retraction citations to two high-profile COVID-19 papers published in May 2020 and retracted in June 2020: over half of the citations did not mention the retraction; they noted that publishers and editors were "caught by surprise" and many do not systematically check for retraction or post-publication…
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    Obituary: Tracey Bretag, COPE Council member

    …students understand issues of plagiarism, and why honesty and integrity are critical values for students to learn as a core part of their university education. Tracey was a faculty member at the University of South Australia and was promoted to Full Professor last year.  This…
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    In the news: February 2022

    Each month, COPE Council members find and share publication ethics news. This month the news includes articles on diversity, preprints, research integrity, and more.  Preprints This preprint describes the findings of a working group organised by ASAPbio that set out to define key features of preprint review processes. As Covid-19…
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    In the news: May & June 2022

    …">PySciDetect, open source research integrity software for identifying fake research, which is available for all publishers and those within the academic community to download and use. Paper mills A report on preprint "Research Square" notes more than 800 crystallography
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    Case Discussion: Data fabrication in a rejected manuscript

    …required by some funders and many journals for prospective clinical trials, such as randomised controlled trials. Note that randomised controlled trials can be non-medical – for example, some educational or economic intervention studies – and not all registries are medical ones (see
  • News

    In the news: August 2021

    …/07/landmark-research-integrity-survey-finds-questionable-practices-are-surprisingly-common" target="_blank">engaging in questionable research practices, whilst 8% admit to committing more serious fabricating or falsifying research results during the last three years. The research has been published on MetaArxiv in two preprints, one looking at the
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    In the news: February Digest

    …href="" target="_blank"> The Russian Academy of Science appointed a commission to address unethical publication practices in Russia. A report from the commission released in January 2020 was described as a "bombshell" leading to retraction of more than 800 papers, published in primarily Russian-language journals. Problems with plagiarism, text-recycling,…
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    Paper mills in the news

    …scientist at SAGE Publishing, about his preprint Exploratory analysis of text duplication in peer-review reveals peer-review fraud and paper mills, and details of the methods used in the investigation, including how his team uncovered the network of milled papers through suspicious patterns in peer reviews. In April, the IOS Press 35th Anniversary…
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    Letter from the COPE Chair: September 2021

    …href="">seeking feedback on these draft recommendations until the end of October. And finally, I would like to welcome Jason Hu back to Council. We are excited to have him rejoining COPE and I am looking forward to introducing more new Council Members in the next Digest. COPE is growing and we continue to welcome a broad diversity…