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  • Case

    Going public on potential fraud

    A research article published some time ago detailed an invasive test. The authors obtained informed consent from the patients, but did not seek ethics committee approval. Subsequently, the journal published correspondence from X, detailing the article’s problems. X and others had attempted to replicate the study and had failed to achieve the accuracy levels as described. X stated that this was…
  • COPE Forum: Thank you for registering

    Thank you for registering for the COPE Forum. You will receive an email from us soon regarding your attendance.  Go to homepage…
  • Case

    Retrospective correction: how far back do we go?

    …the authors could be invited to respond, and asking the question “how far back do we go?”…
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    False memory syndrome

    …a subject? (2) Do we need the daughter’s consent even if we are going to publish the paper anonymously? (3) Should we give the daughter a right of response? (4) Should we go ahead and publish the paper even if the daughter refuses to give her consent and declines to respond?…
  • News

    A research integrity issue: Who are you going to call?

    …Guest article Lauran Qualkenbush - President of ARIO and Director, Office for Research Integrity, Northwestern University Correcting the published scientific record in cases of research misconduct can be tricky to say the least. One thing that shouldn’t be so tricky is identifying the right person to contact at the involved institutions. The recently incorporated
  • Event

    COPE North American Seminar and Forum 2012

    The theme of this year’s seminar repeats that of the recent successful European seminar, “Correcting the literature”, which will encompass all of the issues involved, including why corrections are needed, the appropriate ways to deal with them in terms of expressions of concern, corrections and retractions, the scale of the problem and what can go wrong. Editors, publishers, authors and all…
  • Event

    COPE Forum: Tuesday 15 December 2020

    COPE members can now register to attend the December Forum, to be held on Tuesday 15 December 2:00-3:30pm GMT. The deadline to register is Monday 14 December. The discussion topic is 'Predatory publishing: next steps and where do we go from here?'. This will be followed by…
  • Case

    Consideration of publishing raw data

    …the authors to go back and obtain ethics approval to publish raw data? If so, does the author have to go back to the original ethics committee? ·        Also, does one allow the authors to publish only “relevant” data or does one require all of the data generated from the trial to be published?…
  • Case

    Publication of post-doctoral work

    …hired in a permanent research position. To be tenured, Dr X needs to publish and show that her post-doctoral work was accepted for publication. Question(s) for the COPE Forum • Can Dr X go ahead and publish this manuscript with the authors as originally written? If not, is there any recourse for her?• Can I, as an editor-in-chief, and knowing the background,…
  • Case

    The unacceptable use of a placebo

    …should go back to the authors and ask whether they had informed consent, to reply to the concerns about poor practice demonstrated, and show evidence of ethics committee approval. _ If no reply is received then the editor should go directly to the head of the institution. Which point was the most serious? Firstly, that the trial shouldn’t have been done at all; secondly, that the patients had been…
  • Forum discussion topics

    Predatory publishing: next steps and where do we go from here?

    December 2020 Since COPE drafted a discussion paper on the topic of predatory publishing in 2019, many more scholarly papers have been published on various aspects of this issue so there is no lack of research into the practice. However, while resear…
  • News

    Research Data: Institutions are key to management and post-publication concerns

    …required to secure the research record and ensure proper procedures are followed. A call to the RIO, even to discuss hypothetical concerns, is likely to be beneficial.  Another article in this issue details the development of a RIO directory by the Association of Research Integrity Officers (ARIO), to…
  • Case

    The cheating medical students

    …seen this by the time they came to sit the exam. The medical school concerned was unaware of this, and a much higher proportion of students than usual received distinctions. The two students asked if they should go public. What should the editors do?…
  • Case

    Duplicate submission of a paper

    …a substantial number of submissions. Papers may go in the first instance to be read by anyone of a number of editors, so there is a strong possibility that related papers like this will go to different editors and will get a long way down the line of assessment before someone realises that there is major overlap between them. It happened in this case that both papers went to the same editor, but usually this…
  • Case

    Publication of expression of concern

    …fact that there may be innocent co-authors. One suggestion was for the journal to consider conducting their own investigation and getting a review board to look at all of the author’s work. The majority of the Forum agreed that going back to the institution and asking for an investigation was worthwhile; if the institution agrees, then the editor can publish an expression of…
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    COPE logo

    …href=""">"You can download the logo at optimised resolutions for print or the web. Here’s how to do it: Log onto the COPE website as a member (you need to be the "manager" of your journal group) Go to your journal page. On the right hand navigation bar, click “COPE logo download”. Download low and high resolutions of your personalised COPE…
  • Case

    Duplicate publication allegation

    …B was an extended abstract, included in a section of selected conference proceedings. Our records do not go back far enough to check whether the authors informed us of this but they did not reference their abstract in the article in journal A. The article in journal A is a full paper, with a materials and methods section, detailed results and enough information for someone else to replicate the…
  • Case

    Confidentiality and conflict of interest

    There is a breach of confidentiality here. The editor should go back to the first author seeking clarification of the supposed premature publication/breach of confidentiality, stating that a reviewer had brought this to his attention. If the reply is unsatisfactory, the editor should refer to the head of the institution. The reviewer should not lead this; the editor should.…
  • Case

    Obtaining consent for a study of people with severe learning disabilities

    …the research 'can go ahead without the need for Ethical approval'. The editor presumed this was because the research was being done for operational/service reasons. The editor’s main ethical concern was that consent from the individual patients had not been obtained, to which the authors responded that it was not possible to obtain consent as the participants’ learning difficulties were too severe.…