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    Website refresh

    …looking for more quickly. Feedback We hope you'll find these changes helpful and would like you to give us your feedback by using the purple Feedback button over there on the right -->
  • Event

    COPE Forum: Thursday 1 August 2019

    … All COPE members are welcome…
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    COPE North American Seminar 2019

    …Professor of History and Director of the Omohundro Institute, College of William & Mary, Karen's scholarship focuses on women, gender and family in the early modern British Atlantic. Rebecca Kennison, KN…
  • Case

    Referee with a conflict of interest

    A paper was received by Journal A in August and sent to Dr X for comment. Dr X advised that the paper was not original in the light of a publication by his own research group earlier in the year in another journal, and that furthermore, this study contained over twice as many patients as the paper the journal had sent to him to referee. The journal decided to reject the paper on the strength of…
  • Case

    Retraction of article from 1994

    Professor A and professor B has been in a dispute over a certain type of treatment for over 15 years. Professor A has accused professor B of killing a patient while he was (in professor A’s view) doing research on the patient without consent. Professor B has accused professor A of research and publication misconduct because he published a paper in journal X in 1994 that included a selected grou…
  • Case

    Misunderstood requirements for authorship

    Dr X submitted a paper to a journal that was assigned by a rather hung-over editorial assistant to an associate editor who was a co-author on the paper. Realising the mistake, she emailed the associate editor to reassign the paper. He expressed surprise as he did not know Dr X, had not seen the paper before submission, and knew of no reason why he should be a co-author. Dr X was asked to…
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    In the news: January 2021

    …2020, 39 of them about COVID-19. The Scientist list 10 of the most significant COVID related retractions and 5 non-COVID related papers. COPE Council Member Nancy Chescheir Read COPE's…
  • Common ethical and editorial dilemmas of author misconduct: how should we respond?

    …2001 39 30 9 0 2002 18 14 4 0 2003 22 15 5 2 2004 25* 17 7 1 Total 212 163 36…
  • Case

    Serial plagiarism by an experienced author

    …similarity index of less than 30%. Over 12% have a similarity index in excess of 40%—the level at which iThenticate gives a plagiarism alert. Excluding the eight submissions from Dr J, there were 9% falling into this category. The remaining 16% fall in the range 30–39% and have been investigated. In all of these cases, the overlap was in acceptable quotations and in the bibliography and no further action…
  • Guidelines

    Principles of Transparency and Best Practice in Scholarly Publishing

    …opportunity to withdraw their manuscript if they wish. The date of publication should be published with all published research. Dates of submission and acceptance are preferred as well. 9. Access If any of the online content is not freely accessible to everyone, the method of gaining access (for example, registration, subscription, or pay-per-view fees) should be clearly described. If…
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    In the news: February Digest

    …target="_blank"> How to shine in Indonesian science? Game the system (needs subscription) Scholars at Risk (SAR) is an international program that exists in 39 countries. These programs are designed to  help scholars whose work is threatened by…
  • Guidelines

    Cooperation between research institutions and journals on research integrity cases

    …the Responsible Conduct of Research. synopses/r39syn.htm European Science Foundation(ESF)/ All European Academies (ALLEA). The European Code of Conduct for Research Integrity.…