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  • Submitting a guest editorial or opinion piece to COPE

    This policy provides information about writing a guest editorial (commissioned by COPE) or opinion article (uncommissioned) for publication in COPE Digest or Member Insight, and across COPE’s multimedia channels. Aims and scope We are looking to widen the scope of discourse regarding research and publication ethics in COPE membership communications by…
  • Case

    Retract, correct, or both?

    …existence of this paper and that the corresponding author, who had been visiting their department from another country, had taken data from their database and written and submitted the manuscript without the permission of the department or hospital. His first knowledge of the article was when the publishers had sent him a set of proofs (since the corresponding author had not responded to their emails);…
  • Flowcharts

    Ghost, guest, or gift authorship in a submitted manuscript

    COPE's guidance as a flowchart on what to do if you suspect ghost, guest, or gift authorship in a submitted manuscript. Ghost, guest, or gift authorship in a submitted manuscript
  • Seminars and webinars

    Australian Seminar 2014 Ethics of data publication: same or different?

    …Download presentation: Ethics of data publication: same or different? [PDF,1192KB]…
  • Case

    Retraction or expression of concern?

    Shortly after publishing a short report, another group involved in similar work accused one of the authors (A) of the short report of fabricating and/or stealing data from their lab. The other group also stated that author A’s conclusions about an image published in the short report were wrong. We asked to see author A’s original data and talked to his co-authors and the institution…
  • Case

    Sloppiness or deception?

    A case control study that links miscarriage to a particular event was published in Journal A. The paper says that most women were pregnant when interviewed. Whether or not they had miscarried when interviewed matters because of “recall bias.” In fact, most of the women who miscarried had already miscarried and so were not pregnant. The statement that most of the women were pregnant is “true”…
  • Case

    Duplicate publication or salami publication?

    The advice of the Forum was for the editor to assess the degree of overlap between the two papers. If the editor judges it to be major overlap, he should reject the paper. If it is minor overlap, the editor should contact the authors for an explanation. It was suggested that the editor could consult the “sample letters” on the COPE website which deal with “Overlap of figures or text with…
  • Flowcharts

    Reviewer suspected to have appropriated an author’s ideas or data

    COPE's guidance as a flowchart on what to do if you suspect a reviewer has appropriated an author’s ideas or data. Reviewer suspected to have appropriated an author's ideas or data
  • Case

    Research on volunteers without informed consent or ethics committee approval

    …a volunteer was given the drugs to see what happened." There is no description of an informed consent procedure or ethics committee approval. Nor is there any report of arrangements made to cover the costs of the research, whether staff, bed use, drugs, use of equipment or arrangements for dealing with side effects.…
  • Case

    No ethics committee approval or informed consent

    A study was submitted that required the active participation of nearly 500 patients from a local hospital. The paper made no mention of ethics committee approval or informed consent by the patients, and an enquiry revealed that the authors had not obtained these. The chief executive at the hospital was alerted. Have the editors done the right thing?…
  • News

    COPE shortlisted for Publons Sentinel Award: outstanding advocacy, innovation or contribution to #PeerReview

    …--------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- We're delighted to be shortlisted for the Publons Sentinel Award for outstanding advocacy, innovation or contribution to scholarly peer review. The winner will be announced on Tuesday 19th September.…
  • Case

    Possible self-plagiarism and/or prior publication

    …possibly redundant/duplicate publication according to the COPE Case Taxonomy ( The two COPE case taxonomy areas we refer to in this case are:o ‘Self-plagiarism’ (submitted article)—reusing one’s own previous writing without being transparent about this or appropriately referencing/quoting…
  • Website Terms and Conditions

    …change these terms and conditions, and will post revisions on our website. We recommend that you read these terms and conditions regularly. If you subscribe to a COPE membership you will also be governed by the Terms and Conditions of Membership. Privacy Use of the data that you provide us, or which is collected by use on this website, is governed by our Privacy Policy. We try to…
  • Code of conduct for COPE meetings and events

    …for all participants. COPE does not tolerate harassment in any form and requires all participants to abide by the Code of Conduct for meetings and events. COPE Trustees, Council Members, or staff members will enforce this code of conduct throughout all COPE events (whether in person or online) and we expect cooperation from all participants to help ensure a safe environment for everybody.
  • Event

    JOR/ORS Workshop on Preprint Servers: Public Access and Peer-Review

    Preprint servers are places where manuscripts and data can be made public on the internet. These sites are not peer-reviewed, but often stimulate discussion of the posted studies. This workshop will analyse the pro and cons of using preprint servers, review the policies of publishers and journals, and invite a lively discussion on the role of this new public access to data.…