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  • Case

    Informed consent

    A group of researchers are conducting a study of whether women aged 65 to 69 years will accept screening for breast cancer. They plan to invite these women for screening in the same way as they invite younger women for screening but will not know that they are part of a research study. The authors want advice on whether journals would be willing to publish their results, despite the fact that…
  • Case

    Habitual plagiarist

    …informed my editorial board members about the case. One of the associate editors recognised author F’s name from another case report which had been accepted for publication at the journal. This second case report (CR2) had been reviewed and recommended by reviewers and no one suspected plagiarism. Following some research into this matter, the associate editor found that CR2 was an exact copy of another…
  • Case

    Authorship order dispute

    …willing to change the order of the authors as he believes the current order accurately reflects the scientific input of the authors. He has discussed with his research institute chair and with his region’s ethics board. In the meantime, Dr D has not been communicative, despite Dr F’s correspondence requesting cooperation. Dr F has been instructed not to speak to Dr D in person and has to…
  • News

    In the news: February Digest

    …this evolving principle of science. He writes that open science principles, and how they will influence universities, funding agencies, researchers, and the public, will take years to fully develop. A summary of 3 major issues in…
  • Forum discussion topics

    Bias in peer review

    …level of diversity in its peer reviewer pool. Two new reply options to this question also garnered significant responses, with 69% of journals/publishers actively working toward increasing the diversity in its peer reviewer pool and 29% of respondents reporting their journal/publisher had achieved an ideal level of diversity in its peer reviewer pool. Detailed below are other significant shifts…