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  • Event

    15th EASE General Assembly and Conference

    The next EASE Conference will be the 15th EASE General Assembly and Conference  to be held online from Wednesday to Friday, 23-25 June 2021 on the theme:  Promoting sustainability in scholarly publishing: the role of editors  The 
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    COPE Forum: Tuesday 15 December 2020

    COPE members can now register to attend the December Forum, to be held on Tuesday 15 December 2:00-3:30pm GMT. The deadline to register is Monday 14 December. The discussion topic is 'Predatory publishing: next steps and where do we go from here?'. This will be followed by…
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    ISMTE webinar: Responding to world events

    15 September 2022, 16:00 (BST), 11:00 (EDT), 15:00 (UTC) When it is appropriate to respond to world events, and how to be effective in their response.  COPE is represented at this ISMTE webinar by panellists Caroline Porter (COPE Trustee, and Associate VP Research Publishing SAGE Publishing) and Simon Linacre (COPE Trustee, and Head of Content, Brand & Press…
  • Case

    Parental consent for participants

    As editor of a psychology journal, I received a manuscript from a group of scholars. The authors describe a qualitative online study with adolescent girls, aged 15–18 years, who met in person with a stranger they first ‘met’ online. The girls describe their reasoning about the risks, the safety measures they used and reactions to discomfort they experienced in the meetings. The authors…
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    COPE European Seminar 2014

    …COPE European Seminar 2014
  • Event

    COPE Asia Pacific Seminar 2013

    COPE is delighted to announce its 2nd Asia-Pacific Seminar, which will take place in Melbourne on 15 February 2013. Click here for more details and to register.…
  • News

    Ethical Editing – Spring 2012 issue

    Download the Spring issue of Ethical Editing, the newsletter from COPE.This issue's theme is ''15 Years of COPE!''. We would very much welcome any feedback or comments you may have. Please contact us via the website.…
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    COPE Indian Seminar at the Annual Conference of IAMJE

    COPE will be running a seminar entitled “Publication ethics in India: Inspiring excellence” on 15 November 2013 at the Annual Conference of the Indian Association of Medical Journal Editors (IAMJE), 16–17 November 2013. There will also be a Workshop on Scientific Writing for Authors on 15–16 November 2013 and a Workshop for Peer Reviewers on 17 November 2013.  COPE Vice-Chair, Charlotte Haug,…
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    North American seminar presentations now available online

    The slides and audio of the three presentations at the recent North American seminar are now available for downloading here. Listen to Lisa Bero discuss ghost and guest authorship, Dave Kochalko talk about ORCID,…
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    ISMTE North American Conference

    Heather Tierney, COPE Council member, is presenting at the ISMTE conference in Baltimore on the following topics: Plenary Session 1: Preprints, Authorship Transparency, Bias in Peer Review August 2nd, 4.30-5.15pm Plenary Session 3: Transparency in Co-Authorship August 3, 12.00-12.45pm
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    COPE Competition!

    …Please send suggestions by 15 September…
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    Audio versions of December Forum cases now online

    You can now listen to the cases presented at the December COPE Forums in audio. Listen to the full discussion and hear how the Forum members debated the issue and the conclusions they arrived at. The December cases start from Case Number 11-23 (Possible…
  • Webform

    COPE Asia-Pacific Workshop, Melbourne 2020

    …Publication ethics workshop Tuesday 15 September 2020, 1-4.30pm Jasper Hotel, Melbourne About Registration Special offer: ISMTE 2020 Asia-Pacific Conference Your privacy
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    Liz Wager discusses retractions in the BMJ

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    COPE grant on CrossCheck research update

    The results of part of this research were presented at the CrossRef 2011 Annual Meeting, USA, 15 November 2011 (download the presentation, PDF 745kb). The purpose of this survey was to investigate journal editors’ use of CrossCheck to detect plagiarism, and their attitude to potential…
  • Event

    6th World Conference on Research Integrity (WCRI), Hong Kong, 2019

    …and Edanz Group, Fukuoka 15:45 – 17:15 Symposium (SY3) Preprints: Beneficial or harmful for research integrity and publication ethics? A debate (Grand Hall) Sabine Kleinert, The Lancet and Chris Graf, COPE Past co-Chair (Conveners)   John Inglis, bioRxiv; and Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory Press, New York Heather Tierney, COPE Council; and American Chemical…
  • Case

    The study that may or may not already have been published

    A study purported to have been stimulated by a systematic review that had already been published in the journal. The new study included 15 patients who had been treated in one arm of a study and 15 who had been treated in another arm. The peer reviewers noticed that the original systematic review included 31 patients from the same authors. The editor contacted the authors asking them to make…
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    First Brazilian Meeting on Research Integrity, Science and Publication Ethics (I BRISPE), December 2010

    …will involve 4 full-day round tables and 3 workshops (Rio de Janeiro and São Paulo), which will be held on December 10, 13, 14, 15 and 16, 2010. Further details are available on the meeting website:…
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    COPE Forum: 9 September 2015

    The next COPE Forum meeting is on Wednesday 9 September, 3pm–4.30pm (British Summer Time) at The Montcalm London Marble Arch, 2, Wallenberg Place, London, W1H 7TN The agenda and materials are now available to download (PDF…