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  • News

    In the news: March Digest

    …target="_blank"> Meanwhile, COPE Council member Vivienne Bachelet and colleagues have published a protocol of a research study to investigate the prevalence or otherwise of the misrepresentation of affiliations by authors. The results will be submitted to the WCRI and will be published in a peer reviewed journal
  • News

    Letter from the COPE co-Chairs: June 2018

    …href="" target="_blank">paper published in 2002, London noted that the system tends to be driven by a concern about procedural correctness rather than a substantive approach to ethical reasoning. These drivers can be applicable in the world of publication ethics. Is this concern for procedural correctness a barrier to ethical oversight or an excuse for not applying ethical reasoning to activities…
  • COPE team

    …Administrator. This new role is dedicated specifically to supporting COPE membership for universities and research institutions on a freelance basis. She also works as a freelance copy editor. Sabah Moran Membership Administrator Sabah is a freelance member of COPE having initially…
  • News

    In the news: July Digest

    …Allegations of misconduct Claims about unethical organ harvesting in China is leading to serious concerns within the transplant research community. Several journals and publishers are investigating affected published articles, after a scoping review published in BMJ Open provided reason to believe that almost 450…
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    In the news: October 2018 Digest

    …easily transferred) to promote reduction of biases of authors and reviewers and an increase in transparent presentation of results Do you use conference calls for conducting journal business?  Report from the business sector, affirming data from other sectors, show that men spoke 92% of the time on…