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  • News

    In the news: July & August 2022

    …href="">new study in PNAS which found that by the time a paper is retracted, public attention is already diminished. Data and reproducibility A study has found that many researchers do not comply with their…
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    In the news: May & June 2022

    …unethical practices and offer advice to scientists. Even as medicine becomes more diverse, the lead authors in two of the USA's most prestigious medical journals remain white and male. Research misconduct Springer Nature has released 
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    In the news: March & April 2022

    …="">join a coalition on reforming research assessment. Ethical oversight What does a Director of Research Integrity do? An interview with Sabina Alam of T&F. Clarivate has a 1-hour online course for editors, authors and peer reviewers about
  • Event

    COPE Forum: September 2022

    …cases. Submit a case to COPE Forum Do you have a publication ethics case you'd like to bring to the COPE Forum for discussion and advice? Submit a case  The deadline to submit a case for this Forum is: Tuesday 13 September 2022. Forum agenda On 27 September 2022 the COPE Forum will be held at 16:00-17:30pm (BST…
  • Publication and research ethics related to geopolitical issues

    …href="">Statement from Universities UK on suspension of a MoU sent to the President of the Russian Union of Rectors (RUR). Last updated on 7 April 2022  UKRI: UKRI’s response to the Russian government’s invasion of Ukraine, 27 March 2022 Research Square:
  • Event

    COPE Forum: Wednesday 22 June 2022

    …Forum agenda On 22 June 2022 the COPE Forum will be held at 14:00-15:30pm (BST / UTC+1) 1. Update Update on COPE activities by the Chair. 2. Forum discussion topic We begin the COPE Forum with a discussion on the topic Dealing with…
  • Event

    Peer review week

    …scholarly communication stakeholders, including academic publishers, associations, institutions, and researchers. Participating organisations will host events and activities to highlight the ways in which peer review contributes to and reinforces trust in scholarship.  More information…
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    In the news: February 2022

    …pandemic rapidly developed, massive research outputs were published in preprint servers and peer-review journals. Neither venue performed flawlessly and the research community look for ways to improve the processes. This preprint describes 14 principles, clustered around four broad themes: Focused, Appropriate, Specific, Transparent…
  • Seminars and webinars

    North American Seminar 2015: who, what, when, where and why

    …Download presentation: who, what, when, where and why [PDF, 2500KB]…
  • Event

    COPE Forum: Thursday 3 March 2022

    …Forum agenda On 3 March 2022 the COPE Forum will be held at 11:00-12:30pm (GMT / UTC) 1. Update on COPE activities by the Chair. 2. Forum discussion topic. We begin the COPE Forum with a discussion on the topic of Editorial conflicts of interest. 3. New…
  • News

    Revised Good Publication Practice guidelines published

    The newest revision of the Good Publication Practice” (GPP) guidelines is now freely available (free account registration may be required). The revised guidelines, called GPP 2022, were published on 30 August 2022 in the Annals of Internal Medicine and are the fourth version of GPP, first published in 2003. The GPP…
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    Letter from the COPE Chair: February 2022

    …10 May. Hope to see you, virtually, there.   Once again, COPE will be supporting the World Conference on Research Integrity, in May this year, as a Rhino sponsor. The conference's overarching theme is “Fostering research integrity in an unequal world”. The conference will be a hybrid event with…
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    Letter from the COPE Chair: June 2022

    Travel is once again becoming a part of my life. I recently returned from a wonderful trip to Cape Town, South Africa to participate in the 7th World Conference on Research Integrity (WCRI). The 30-hour trip from New York to South Africa was well worth it. I loved reconnecting with professional colleagues that I had not seen in years and making…
  • News

    Letter from the COPE Chair: September 2022

    Welcome to our annual edition of Digest celebrating Peer Review Week (19-23 September). This year’s theme is “Research Integrity: Creating and supporting trust in research”. As part of Peer Review Week, COPE is hosting a webinar on managing paper…
  • News

    Letter from the COPE Chair: April 2022

    …href="/policies/submitting-guest-editorial-or-opinion-piece-cope">submissions from our members to foster communications about issues of interest to you.  In May, COPE has several events. COPE will be hosting a virtual Seminar to introduce membership for universities and research institutes.  The keynote will be given by Professor John B Thompson, Emeritus Professor of Sociology at the University of Cambridge and author of…
  • Seminars and webinars

    Seminar 2022: Book wars

    …src=""> Speaker John B Thompson is Emeritus Professor of Sociology at the University of Cambridge and a Fellow of Jesus College, Cambridge. His publications…
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    Follow COPE on Facebook and Twitter

    COPE now has its own Facebook page as well as a Twitter account.  Click on the links to follow us: Facebook:!/pages/COPE-Committee-on-Publication-Ethics/107658079276587 Twitter: 
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    COPE advice to editors on Geopolitical intrusions on editorial decisions

    …Update 2022 First released: 10 March 2022 Updated: 29 March 2022 There has been much discussion recently on government sanctions against Russia and the potential effect on Russian researchers. COPE has discussed the issue of geopolitical intrusion into editorial decision making previously in similar situations. COPE's position on this remains as…
  • Event

    INANE Annual Conference 2015

    The INANE (International Academy of Nursing Journal Editors) annual conference is being held in Las Vegas, Nevada, August 3-5, 2015.  In addition to the conference, COPE council members Charon Pierson and Geri Pearson will be leading a COPE Forum. For more…