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  • FORUM DISCUSSION TOPIC: comments please

    …href="/files/u7140/STANDARD%20RETRACTION%20FORM_actual%20form.pdf">downloaded here. 1. Decullier E, Samson G, Huot L. [Retractions due to errors and frauds]. Presse Med. 2012; 41(9 Pt 1): 847-52.2. Decullier E, Huot L, Samson G, Maisonneuve H. Visibility of retractions: a cross-sectional one-year study. BMC research notes. 2013; 6: 238.3. COPE. Retraction guidelines. 2009.   [cited june 2014]; Available from:
  • Case

    Duplicate publication

    An author published a paper in Journal A that looked extremely similar to one already published as guidelines in Journal B. Of 48 paragraphs of text, 41 were almost identical. It has since transpired that several authors who were involved in the writing of the article published in Journal B have not been acknowledged. Prior publication elsewhere had not been acknowledged in the Journal…
  • COPE Privacy Policy

    …PERSONAL DATA WE COLLECT AND HOW WE USE IT 1.a. Journal Membership Applications When an applicant applies for a journal to be a member of COPE, we collect the following personal data: APPLICANT, EDITOR-IN-CHIEF and PUBLISHER Name Address Telephone number Email Address Membership number (if application successful)   EDITORIAL BOARD…
  • Case

    Incorrect allegations from the head of an institute?

    After a number of appeals and revisions, and having satisfied ourselves about the results being “too good to be true”, we eventually accepted a paper. In September 2007, we received a letter from the head of the institute (and also a member of the university ethics committee) expressing concern about the paper. The allegations were: the funding source could not be that acknowledged; the authors…
  • Membership subscription fees

    …£41,414 1501 to 1750 £37,167 1251 to 1500 £33,451 1001 to 1250 £29,203 751 to 1000 £24,424 501 to 750 £19,911 251 to 500 £13,805 101 to 250 £8,495 51 to 100 £4,248 26 to 50…
  • Case

    Serial plagiarism by an experienced author

    Suspicions were raised on 20 September 2012 by a reviewer who commented that some of the passages in a submission from Dr J were similar to an earlier paper published in our journal by the same author. An iThenticate check indicated a similarity index of 60%: however, the overlap was not from that earlier paper but from another source by a different author which had contributed 41% of the…
  • News

    In the news: April 2020

    …" target="_blank"> Misconduct The editor of Molecular Brain tracked responses by authors of 41 papers for which the data appeared "too beautiful" to the request for the…
  • News

    Case discussion: gift authorship

    …href="">Sengül Gülen et al (Journal of Clinical Epidemiology, 2020) found were positively associated with gift authorship in collaborative work. In that survey of 666 first-authors of Cochrane reviews published between October 2016 and December 2018, 41% of authors reported the existence of gift authorship in their reviews and 15% were…
  • Seminars

    …href="/files/u7140/Bero%20presentation%20at%20San%20Diego%202011.pdf">Download presentation [PDF1.24 MB]) What is ORCID and Why is it Relevant for Editors?  – Presented by Dave Kochalko, VP of Product & Market Strategy at Thomson Reuters in the Intellectual Property and Science business  (Download presentation [PDF [2.41 MB]) Professor Robert Guralnick,…
  • News

    A vision for a more trans-inclusive publishing world: guest article

    …specific bureaucratic or infrastructural processes.  Back to top Five guiding principles and best practices 1. Accessibility Name changes should be available to authors upon request without legal documentation, unnecessary barriers, burdens, or labor placed upon the author making the request. Many publishers struggle with the extent to…