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    Next COPE Forum 6 September 2011

    …and Child Health (RCPCH), 5-11 Theobalds Road, London WC1X 8SH ( All COPE members are welcome to attend the meeting, whether or not they are presenting a case. Download the agenda and materials
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    COPE Forum November 2017

    …agenda for the COPE Forum on Monday 13 November: 1. Update on COPE activities by the Chair 2. Forum discussion: Self-citation: where's the line? 3. New cases   17-11 Authorship dispute unsatisfactorily resolved by institution (JM)    17-12 Potential figure manipulation with corresponding author uncontactable   (JM)   17-13 Unhelpful institution report…
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    2018 Events

    COPE Council members have been busy talking about COPE at meetings and conferences across the globe.  
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    COPE Indian Seminar at the Annual Conference of IAMJE

    COPE will be running a seminar entitled “Publication ethics in India: Inspiring excellence” on 15 November 2013 at the Annual Conference of the Indian Association of Medical Journal Editors (IAMJE), 16–17 November 2013. There will also be a Workshop on Scientific Writing for Authors on 15–16 November 2013 and a Workshop for Peer Reviewers on 17 November 2013.  COPE Vice-Chair, Charlotte Haug,…
  • Publication and research ethics related to geopolitical issues

    …="">Research Square Company's position on the crisis in Ukraine, 15 March 2022 Clarivate: Clarivate to cease all commercial activity in Russia, 12 March 2022 A BMJ editorial notes that it will continue to consider…
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    COPE Forum

    …experience to the discussion: Preprints: what are the issues? Forum agenda and materials The agenda for the COPE Forum on Monday 24 July: 1. Update on COPE activities by the Chair 2. Forum discussion: Preprints: what are the issues? 3. New cases   17-11 Authorship dispute…
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    15th EASE General Assembly and Conference

    The next EASE Conference will be the 15th EASE General Assembly and Conference  to be held online from Wednesday to Friday, 23-25 June 2021 on the theme:  Promoting sustainability in scholarly publishing: the role of editors  The 
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    Audio versions of December Forum cases now online

    You can now listen to the cases presented at the December COPE Forums in audio. Listen to the full discussion and hear how the Forum members debated the issue and the conclusions they arrived at. The December cases start from Case Number 11-23 (Possible…
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    6th World Conference on Research Integrity (WCRI), Hong Kong, 2019

    …and Edanz Group, Fukuoka 15:45 – 17:15 Symposium (SY3) Preprints: Beneficial or harmful for research integrity and publication ethics? A debate (Grand Hall) Sabine Kleinert, The Lancet and Chris Graf, COPE Past co-Chair (Conveners)   John Inglis, bioRxiv; and Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory Press, New York Heather Tierney, COPE Council; and American Chemical…
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    COPE authorship workshop February 2021

    …Online cases workshop for COPE members only Wednesday 10 February 2021 15:00-16:30pm (GMT); 10.00-11.30am (EST) Wednesday 24 February 2021 09:00-10:30am (GMT); 17.00-18.30pm (AWST); 20.00-21.30pm (AEDT) Following on from the success of our virtual workshops last year, COPE is delighted to announce an online workshop on…
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    COPE Forum: Thursday 3 March 2022

    …Forum agenda On 3 March 2022 the COPE Forum will be held at 11:00-12:30pm (GMT / UTC) 1. Update on COPE activities by the Chair. 2. Forum discussion topic. We begin the COPE Forum with a discussion on the topic of Editorial conflicts of interest. 3. New…
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    COPE Forum: Monday 5 November 2018

    …18-11 Increased number of casual submissions 18-12 A pre-submission inquiry with a bribe 18-13 Self-plagiarism and suspected salami publishing 18-14 Authorship conflict 18-15 Peer reviewer contacted by author 18-16 Data fabrication in a rejected manuscript 18-17 Possible plagiarism 18-18 Victim of article theft wants correction to list…
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    COPE Forum: Monday 11 February 2019

    Register for the next online COPE Forum, Monday 11 February 2019, 4pm-5.30pm (GMT). All members are welcome to join this Forum which will be held by webinar. It follows the usual format where members' cases are presented for discussion and advice from all those participating in the Forum. The Forum Discussion is…
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    COPE European Seminar 2014

    …COPE European Seminar 2014