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  • Case

    Repetitive duplicate submission to multiple journals and redundant publication

    …observations that occur in MsD. Are the authors seeking to publish a redundant publication? The editors of all of the journals concerned would like advice on how this situation should be handled and what action should be taken. Although one journal has already chosen to ban the author from their journal for five years, is this a suitable course of action?…
  • Case

    Simultaneous publication

    …the managing editor of Journal B that the Editor of Journal B had asked for and received an explanation from the authors and was satisfied with the explanation. I would like the Forum’s advice on how to handle this case, in particular as it seems that Journal B will not take any further action. (1) Given that the paper was submitted to Journal A earlier and published…
  • Case

    Possible self-plagiarism and/or prior publication

    …the details of this case a grey area (COPE Discussion Document: How should editors respond to plagiarism, and that copyright and rights of author issues may apply. In summary, both co-editors of the journal consider that this case constitutes self-plagiarism…
  • Case

    Profusion of copied text passages

    …we would consider good scientific writing practice. The question is how to deal with these cases that we see in a quickly growing number? It is not fair to authors who produce good science to penalise them for trying to cope with their limited language skills. It is not fair either, to give the advantage of facility to those authors who easily copy from existing work, over those authors who make…
  • Case

    Author requests for certain experts not to be included in the editorial process

    …for certain experts not to be involved in reviewing their paper?” is yes—the author is entitled to make this request, but the editor does not have to feel bound to exclude specific reviewers. Otherwise there is potential manipulation of the peer review system by the author. The author should give reasons for his requests. Some noted that it depends on how many experts the author asks not to be involved…
  • Case

    What extent of plagiarism demands a retraction versus correction?

    …of the way in which the proof-of-concept was demonstrated in the article.  Question(s) for the COPE Forum • Where does the journal's responsibility to protect the student's rights lie and does it need to go further than the correction and retract? • Is this a clear case of plagiarism that demands a retraction? • How much does the structure and text need to be the same…
  • Case

    Undisclosed conflict of interest

    …they have many of the same duties and obligations as directors. Our concerns with the COI of the lead author (and his spouse) go beyond financial COIs, as in his blog the lead author describes how meeting the CMG founder “changed our lives profoundly”, and his spouse is describing “seemingly miraculous changes” as a result of CMG. This level of passion for CMG and their involvement may affect the authors’…
  • Forum discussion topics

    COPE Forum: 13 November 2017: Self-Citation: where's the line?

    …expect that reviewers will read a paper inside and out, front to back, how much time does a peer reviewer actually spend looking at the reference list? And even if they do take a look through the reference list, is it biased to call out an author for citing too many of their own works, especially if in their report, the reviewer asks for the author to add references to the reviewer’s work?
  • Seminars and webinars

    Seminar 2021: Introduction to publication ethics

    …and feedback from attendees. The discussion of cases will include how to use COPE flowcharts and other COPE resources to resolve issues, with emphasis on identifying further training and editorial office development. COPE Council Members working with you on this workshop-type session:
  • Seminars and webinars

    Seminar 2021: Ethical practice in research data publication - challenges, lessons and opportunities

    …in collaboration with COPE, is developing guidelines and resources to support journal editors, data repositories, and institutions in the handling of ethics cases related to research data. In this session, the resources that the Working Group has developed will be presented and the speakers will discuss their experience with ethics cases related to research data publication, and how the resources can…
  • Seminars and webinars

    Seminar 2021: Reducing the inadvertent spread of retracted science: taxonomy considerations

    …It was designed to allow publishers to easily disseminate correction/retraction information in a standard, machine-readable form and to encourage publishers to alert users to corrections/retractions using a standard, cross-publisher UI convention. What have we learned from CrossMark and how would we do things differently if we were starting again?   Moderator
  • News

    New COPE members Jan-March 2019

    …href="">Problems and Perspectives in Management (Business Perspectives) Public and Municipal Finance (Business Perspectives) Revista Brasileira de Ciencias do Esporte (Elsevier)
  • Facilitation and Integrity FAQ

    …get the editor to address my queries? As noted above in relation to reviewer’s comments, making assessments about specific editorial requests requires an understanding of the full context of the manuscript and the journal requirements, as well as subject matter expertise. This falls under editorial decision making. COPE cannot oversee whether and how individual editors address correspondence…
  • COPE webinar: Current Issues in Peer Review

    …review surrounding preprints? How could this relate to peer review by journals? What are the main issues in peer review that are brought to COPE for advice? Is there need for further guidance? Three guest speakers will present their views given their experience in these areas, and there will be an opportunity for questions from attendees. You can
  • News

    Case discussion: Consequence for dual submission

    …of misconduct Journals should have a clearly described process for handling allegations, however they are brought to the journal's or publisher’s attention. Journals must take seriously allegations of misconduct pre-publication and post-publication. Policies should include how to handle allegations from whistleblowers. Post-publication…
  • Case

    Concerns over research by an author in numerous, separate publications

    …This is clearly a very sensitive issue and I would appreciate your treating it as confidential”. These associate editors may know how to take this matter to the medial association within the country. The emails are now being sent and we are waiting for a response. Follow-up (December 2011): In July 2011 the editor-in-chief sent an email to some associate editors of the journal…
  • Code of conduct for COPE meetings and events

    …attacks directed towards other attendees and/or participants. Participants should respect the confidentiality of all participants by not sharing personal details in accordance with data protection and privacy laws (ie. GDPR). See COPE’s privacy policy for how COPE protects your data. Participants…
  • Forum discussion topics

    COPE Forum 6 March 2020: Editing of reviewer comments

    …that are inflammatory or have personal attacks and have a discussion with them in terms of how to write better reports in the future. Regarding helping to promote a culture of kindness in peer review, we have found it helpful to add a comment in the peer review score sheet itself, just ahead of the comment fields, to the effect "Please keep your comments clear, specific, and constructive, aimed at helping…
  • News

    Case discussion: Low-risk study with no ethics committee approval

    …nature (eg, demographics and how people learnt of the campaign) and were aggregated, thereby precluding identification of any individuals. Question(s) for the COPE Forum Would retrospective research ethics committee review be appropriate to consider in this situation? Forum Advice and Follow-up The Forum advised the journal editor to judge whether…
  • News

    Case Discussion: Data fabrication in a rejected manuscript

    …href="">Trevor Lane on behalf of the COPE Education Subcommittee Read October 2019 Digest newsletter with a focus on Data and Reproducibility and a summary of our European Seminar in Leiden in Deborah Poff's letter from the COPE Chair. We also share the new COPE Authorship Discussion Document and announce our…