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  • Case

    Author misconduct

    …You can listen to the podcast of this case from the menu on the right The rector at author D’s institution contacted the editor of journal A stating that they have found what they evidently consider to be serious misconduct in an article written by author D and the rector requested author D to retract the paper from journal A but author D refused to do so. The institution contacted jou…
  • Case

    How to correct an incorrect decision to publish a flawed paper

    The Forum suggested issuing a notice of correction but the editor should perhaps consult with the publisher’s legal department before publication. As the problem occurred nearly 10 years ago, another suggestion was to write an accompanying editorial explaining the whole case. The journal can issue a notice of correction without the approval or consent of the authors, but the advice was to…
  • Case

    Duplicate submission and authorship dispute

    …journal, there were 10 authors. During the review process, two authors were removed from the article at their request. This happened in May, between manuscript resubmission. These two authors then submitted the case report to journal Y, with a new set of co-authors. We have confirmed with the Editor-in-Chief (EiC) of journal Y that they received their initial submission in May. As noted,…
  • The ethics of audit and research

    …are issues around the ossification of process, how innovation and change can be accommodated, and about the perverse incentives that any bureaucratic system imposes on everyone who interacts with it. In a recent paper in theBMJ (2005; 330: 468-73), Derek Wade…
  • News

    Case Discussion: Withdrawal of paper at proof stage

    …as authorship, intellectual property, maximising reproducibility and minimising bias, withdrawals/corrections, complaints/appeals, business practices, and any fees and waivers. In fact, publishers and editors should check they adhere to the all 10 COPE Core Practices, which are aligned with the 16 international
  • News

    A vision for a more trans-inclusive publishing world: guest article

    …evolutions-of-self be accommodated by a robust, well resourced, low effort process. [1] We outline these risks in detail in a white paper [2] While this document is written with name changes in mind, many trans…
  • Case

    Author dispute over data presented in paper

    A manuscript was submitted to our Journal in 2008. The six authors signed the author form for the Journal which accompanies all submitted manuscripts. The author form gives information on the role each author played in the study and states that each author has read and approved the paper for submission to the Journal. Following peer-review the paper was accepted for publication. It was p…
  • Case

    The ethics of drug/medication use evaluation audit cycles and publication of the results

    We are seeking guidance on the ethical issues surrounding drug/medicine use evaluation (DUE or MUE) audit cycles, particularly with respect to the publication of findings but also perhaps with regard to the conduct of these audits in general. DUE is a quality improvement activity that involves data collection and evaluation (usually by audit), followed by ‘action’ or intervention and a r…
  • Case

    Unethical withdrawal of a paper

    …future and wanted to verify with them that his intended action—a ban for double submission—was suitable. On returning from meeting with the publishers, Editor A discovered that the paper had never been withdrawn from consideration and the review process was now complete (entire review process 28 days). The reviewer comments warranted rejection. Editor A sent a rejection letter to Authors A and…
  • News

    Post-publication conflicts of interest

    …Trevor Lane on behalf of the COPE Education Subcommittee Related resources Editorial conflicts of interest COPE Forum discussion 2022
  • The COPE Case Taxonomy

    …and 100 keywords and is designed to be descriptive not judgemental. All the cases in COPE’s database were recoded and all new cases are being coded according to the new taxonomy (up to two classifications, denoting the main topics discussed, and 10 keywords can be assigned per case). It is important to note that classification and keyword coding denotes that a topic was raised and discussed,…
  • News

    Letter from the COPE Chair: April 2020

    …individuals. For some, COVID-19 brings more work while others find themselves with time to spare. Some journals will see increased submissions while others will see a drop. Many researchers may be operating almost normally; with more free time—often confined to home—researchers may take advantage to reflect on their work and may be
  • Case

    Repetitive duplicate submission to multiple journals and redundant publication

    …submitted to J8, J2, and J7. J2 contacted J8 about possible duplicate submission. J8 rejected MsD based on reviewer reports and also added a note to the author informing them that there had been a report of possible duplicate submission with their Ms. The abstract of MsD has been found to be identical to the abstract of an article published in June 2005 in J10 with the exception of two…
  • Case

    Breach of peer review confidentiality

    This case concerns a submitted review article that proposes a new theory in a field of research where there are two polarised positions. The original manuscript (R0) underwent peer review and was returned with reports indicating a major revision, which took several months. On submission of the revision, one of the reviewers from the previous round was asked to re-review. That reviewer (r…
  • Case

    Possible self-plagiarism and/or prior publication

    In October 2014 it came to our attention via one of the reviewers of a manuscript submitted to our journal that an identical article (100% identical) had been previously published on the website of the author. The submitting author had not made us aware in their submission documentation that the article had been publicly available on their website at the point of submission. Two different but r…
  • Case

    Institution refuses to investigate scientific issues

    A publisher was alerted to possible issues with band duplication in an article (more than 10 years old) by a reader. The corresponding author was contacted to resolve the issue. The author was unable to provide a satisfactory explanation for the bands, and because of the age of the article, the original data were no longer available. The institution was asked to investigate; a summary of the…
  • Case

    Requesting authorship after publication

    To support a recommendation to publish a correction listing Dr H in an acknowledgment (not as an author), the editors sent the institution the following post from Retraction Watch, which describes a similar situation. The institution agreed with this…
  • Case

    Ethics and consent in research

    …attention. Her tests were repeated again one and two years later. The two year test indicated more severe disease. These findings were reported to her 10 months later by one of the researchers who failed to mention their significance in his cover letter to the radiologist’s report. Given the patient’s history, she should have been removed from work immediately, and the researchers should have reported this…
  • Case

    What involvement should a journal have in a dispute about an article published in the journal?

    Our journal published a manuscript as part of an editors’ forum which, as an invited forum paper, received reviewer feedback but did not follow our usual double-blind peer review standard for regular submissions (the reviewers were aware of the author’s identity but the author did not know the identity of the reviewers). Following the publication of this article, the editor-in-chief rece…
  • Forum discussion topics

    Ethical considerations around book publishing

    …COPE members' publication ethics cases will be presented for discussion and advice from the Forum participants.  Register to attend the Forum, Tuesday 23 March, 2-3.30pm (GMT). The Forum takes place by…