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  • Case

    Misattributed authorship and unauthorized use of data

    …reached a consensus regarding authorship, we intend to correct the record and remove author B and author C from the author’s list. The director was asked if he could provide some other proof of his allegations besides the forwarded email correspondence between himself and author A. He did not provide any other proof and demanded that the article be removed at once and that author A's institution…
  • News

    Case Discussion: Inconclusive institutional investigation into authorship dispute - university perspective comment

    …the problem occurs post-publication, there is a need to correct the literature in an appropriate and timely manner. In this case, the journal could simultaneously publish an erratum/corrigendum to correct Author A’s name and issue an Expression of Concern disclosing the authorship dispute with, to date, an insufficient institutional investigation. The Forum agreed that this would be reasonable and could…
  • Systematic manipulation of the publishing process via paper mills: Forum discussion topic September 2020

    …and editors can handle individual papers on a case-by-case basis, how do we tackle the bigger issues at play? What can publishers do to improve the screening processes to detect these problems earlier?  Are there key author declarations that could be suggested that researchers make? Even for journals which do not have a mandatory data sharing policy,…
  • Case

    Authorship dispute

    …the existing authors were invited to resubmit, but asked to resolve the authorship issue before resubmission. The paper has now been revised and resubmitted, but is currently "stalled". The authors say that the individual making the complaint does not deserve to be an author. The complainant has still not seen the paper, but continues to feel strongly that (s)he should be an author. The institution…
  • Case

    Authorship issue

    The editors of a scientific journal were sent a letter of complaint from Drs A and B who noticed that a paper had been published online ahead of the print edition authored by Dr C. Their primary complaint was that they were not included in the authorship and should have been. Other points made in their (rather confusing letters) were that: they had contributed to the paper in the sense…
  • Case

    Institutionalised policy of gift authorship?

    …explained that the complainant should never have been listed as an author by our definition (which matches the ICMJE criteria), but should have been acknowledged. We are currently in communication with the complainant over the exact nature of their involvement with the manuscript. During discussion of this situation, the submitting author revealed what may be institutionalised authorship problems
  • Forum discussion topics

    COPE Forum 4 September 2020: paper mills

    …or an institutional email mandatory at our journal. The disadvantage of mandatory institutional addresses is that it potentially prohibits people between jobs, post doctorates and retired researchers from submitting papers to journals. How do paper mills differ from authorship by medical communication company? Both are ghost authorship. Our system triggers an email to all co-authors…
  • News

    Authorship, a blunt tool: "20 Jahre Research Integrity in Deutschland Was hat sich verändert? Wie geht es weiter?"

    …with Sabine Kleinert, Senior Executive Editor at The Lancet (and ex-Vice Chair, COPE) unpacked authorship standards, practices, and problems with 40+ vocal and engaged research ombudspeople. We asked (and discussed) three questions. Why does good authorship practice matter? What symptoms identify poor practice? And how do we manage problems when they arise? We debated whether authorship is a sharp…
  • Seminars and webinars

    North American Seminar 2019: In the aftermath of authorship violations in philosophy

    Michael Dougherty, Professor of Philosophy, Ohio Dominican University speaks about authorship violations in philosophy including: using pseudonyms in philosophy and how to avoid post-publication pseudonym surprises. why we should be concerned about plagiarism, types of plagiarism in philosophy and what are the options for whistleblowers? What editors…
  • Case

    Authorship issue related to misleading action of one author

    …The first and third authors could be encouraged to write a different paper in light of the problems. While the Forum recognized the editor’s wish to try and help the author get their paper published, the process should stop at the point of consent or lack thereof and when the authorship issues became questionable. Further changes by the programme officer would likely change the paper significantly…
  • Case

    Authorship dispute

    A manuscript was published by journal X and submitted by author A (last author). Author B claims that fraud occurred in relation to authorship for the following reasons. (1) Author A did not take part in producing the data for the paper and has never been a co-author on any version of the manuscript.(2) A paper with very similar content ,which was part of the PhD thesis of author…
  • Case

    How to correct a published paper

    …to be changed, a corrigendum must be submitted to address an inaccuracy, omission.  Another suggestion was to withdraw the current paper and publish the new one after the manuscript has been peer reviewed. But all of authors on the original paper would need to agree. However, the problem with “withdrawing” a paper and publishing a new one is that the publication record becomes rather confused. Will…
  • Case

    Authorship issues from disbanded consortium

    …with the corresponding author. When queried, the authors agreed that they qualified for authorship (as per the ICMJE criteria). One of them informed the publisher that three junior members of his research group also qualified for authorship but had never been included in the author list. When contacted, these junior three researchers requested to be included as authors. The manuscript's publication was put…