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    COPE North American seminar

    …'Helvetica Neue', Helvetica, Arial, Helvetica, Geneva, sans-serif; line-height: 19.5px;">13 August 2014 at the 
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    Letter from the COPE co-Chairs: November 2018

    …China. Adrian Ziderman has been re-elected for a second term to COPE Council. We welcome them all as we move into the next year.  Read November Digest: Post-Publication Discussions and Corrections   COPE co-Chair 
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    In the news: February Digest

    …were male and younger”. Only 8.1% of reviewers opted to reveal their names and the authors suggest that this supports the view that peer review depends on anonymity. Preprints Papers with involve human subjects or their medical records will not be accepted by 4 major orthopedic journals if they have been posted on a preprint server. The editors of the journals jointly published an…
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    The ethics of self-experimentation

    …of interest.— The need for IRB or ethics committee approval would totally exclude from publication any self-experimentation research performed by an independent researcher because they will not have access to any ethics committee or institutional review board. This would have prevented the publication of reports of highly useful reports (
  • Seminars and webinars

    WCRI 2019: Preprints and their place in the publication ethics landscape

    …(COPEand American Chemical Society) introduced the COPE discussion document on preprints and shared COPE’s recommendations for authors, journals, publisher, and preprint…
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    Removing a retracted article from a third party site

    …original article was published under a CC-BY license with the authors as the copyright holders.  The article is available in full as a pdf on website Z. This is not one of journal A's indexing partners and we believe it may have been downloaded from journal A's website before retraction and uploaded to website Z. Numerous email takedown notices from the publisher to website Z have not been…
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    In the news: May 2020

    …acceptable. The document was not meant for public viewing, but was posted on the website of the Fudan University in Shanghai. The managing editor for academic publications at the…
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    Retrospective registration, outcome switching and ethical approval

    …Concern. The National Library of Medicine has a fact sheet ( detailing the types of corrections that can be linked to an article. This list includes “Comments” which could be used to link commentary from the authors as well as from editors. Some journals ask for the full protocol…
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    Complaints and appeals

    …upcoming COPE Forum and more. Read April 2018 Digest: Complaints and Appeals…
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    Post-publication discussions and corrections focus

    …--------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Read November Digest: Post-Publication Discussions and Corrections. This issue of Digest announces new resources What to do if you Suspect Image Manipulation in a Published…
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    WCRI 2019: Preprints and their place in the publishing ethics landscape

    …href="" target="_blank">Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory Press) spoke first and gave a history and background of preprints. Heather Tierney (COPE and American Chemical Society) introduced the
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    In the news: May 2021

    …cases, scientific misconduct is better handled through other professional channels. More details of the actual complaint can be found on this blog. A team of media forensics researchers from seven universities, led by Purdue, has developed an…
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    COPE at Sense about Science workshop. Peer review: the nuts and bolts

    …stories which bought home the need for training, mentoring, feedback and recognition for peer review. Collectively, we agreed that funders and research councils played a vital role here, as well as publishers and institutions too. How can we work together on this? And wouldn’t it be great if
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    Peer Review Week 2018: new and revised COPE resources

    …width="560"> Listen to our podcast of an interview conducted by Charon Pierson, Secretary of COPE, with Professor Andy Hor,  Vice President of Research at Hong Kong University. This podcast explores some of the formal and informal ways that institutions contribute to diversity in the pool of peer reviewers by admitting a global…
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    In the news: February 2018 Digest

    …their services through companies like Devumi. The article is worth reading just from a social interest but imaging the impact in peer review publication is even more frightening!
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    Case Discussion: Inconclusive institutional investigation into authorship dispute - university perspective comment

    …/recommendations/browse/roles-and-responsibilities/defining-the-role-of-authors-and-contributors.html" target="_blank">ICMJE, CRediT, or discipline-specific criteria) and providing clear guidelines to authors about what is and is not acceptable. It can be important to have authors state specifically their contributions to the work at the time of…
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    COPE webinar: Standards in authorship

    …href="" target="_blank"> ICMJE: Defining the role of authors and contributors…
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    In the news: March Digest

    …href="" target="_blank"> Conflicts of Interest/Competing Interests The International Committee of Medical Journal Editors (ICMJE) recently proposed changes to its disclosure form. Feedback about the proposed changes is due by April 30, with submitted comments being…
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    Case discussion: gift authorship

    …authorship came from further study of 81 of the hyperprolific authors. Of the 27 authors who completed a survey, 19 admitted failing to meet one of the four ICMJE authorship criteria in more than a quarter of their papers and 11 admitted failing to meet two or more…
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    Letter from the COPE Chair: January 2020

    …update on the status of research integrity  in China which is included in this issue. Also, ICMJE has recently posted a very helpful set of “recommendations for the conduct, reporting, editing and publication of…