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  • Event

    EASE Conference

    A stimulating programme of plenary lectures (including Bernd Pulverer, EMBO Press, María del Carmen Ruíz Alcocer, AMERBAC, and Mark Patterson, eLife) and parallel sessions covering a range of topics on editing and managing journals, sex and…
  • Seminars and webinars

    European Seminar 2013: Posters

    …">Poster: Fraud and deceit in medical research [PDF 22KB] Poster: Authors’ awareness of publication ethics: An international survey [PDF 25KB]…
  • News

    In the news: March & April 2022

    …="">join a coalition on reforming research assessment. Ethical oversight What does a Director of Research Integrity do? An interview with Sabina Alam of T&F. Clarivate has a 1-hour online course for editors, authors and peer reviewers about
  • Case

    Data availability for vulnerable populations

    This case is to be discussed at the next COPE Forum on 27 September 2022 A paper on a vulnerable population was published in a journal. The journal followed their usual procedures for processing papers on vulnerable populations, by requesting and reviewing further information on the ethics approval and consent…
  • Case

    Duplicate articles due to DOI reassignment

    This case is to be discussed at the next COPE Forum on 27 September 2022 The editors of Journal C have found that 15 of their recent articles have been assigned slightly different DOIs in the Online First and the final issue versions. This arose from administrative problems with the publisher’s production…
  • Flowcharts

    Fabricated data in a submitted manuscript

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  • Flowcharts

    Plagiarism in a published article

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    Fabricated data in a published article

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  • Event

    Next COPE Forum 6 September 2011

    …and Child Health (RCPCH), 5-11 Theobalds Road, London WC1X 8SH ( All COPE members are welcome to attend the meeting, whether or not they are presenting a case. Download the agenda and materials
  • Event

    International Society for Medical Publication Professionals (ISMPP) Annual Meeting

    ISMPP is offering a 10% registration discount to COPE members for its 16th Annual Meeting, The Evolving Role of the Scientific Communications Professional in an Open World, 20-22 April 2020, in Washington, DC. Check out the meeting at, and enter 16AMCOPE in the…
  • Event

    ISMTE webinar: Responding to world events

    15 September 2022, 16:00 (BST), 11:00 (EDT), 15:00 (UTC) When it is appropriate to respond to world events, and how to be effective in their response.  COPE is represented at this ISMTE webinar by panellists Caroline Porter (COPE Trustee, and Associate VP Research Publishing SAGE Publishing) and Simon Linacre (COPE Trustee, and Head of Content, Brand & Press…
  • News

    In the news: March 2018 Digest

    Included in the news this month are articles related to March's theme of "Authorship and Contributorship", together with conflicts of interest, data and reproducibility, ethical oversight and peer review Authorship A paper recently published in…
  • COPE sanctions process flowchart

    …file-application-pdf contextual-links-region"> COPE sanctions process Edit
  • Flowcharts

    Plagiarism in a submitted manuscript

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  • Flowcharts

    How to recognise potential authorship problems

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  • Event

    COPE Forum: September 2022

    …cases. Submit a case to COPE Forum Do you have a publication ethics case you'd like to bring to the COPE Forum for discussion and advice? Submit a case  The deadline to submit a case for this Forum is: Tuesday 13 September 2022. Forum agenda On 27 September 2022 the COPE Forum will be held at 16:00-17:30pm (BST…
  • News

    Letter from the COPE Chair: April 2022

    …href="/policies/submitting-guest-editorial-or-opinion-piece-cope">submissions from our members to foster communications about issues of interest to you.  In May, COPE has several events. COPE will be hosting a virtual Seminar to introduce membership for universities and research institutes.  The keynote will be given by Professor John B Thompson, Emeritus Professor of Sociology at the University of Cambridge and author of…
  • News

    COPE Forum agenda and materials: 4 March 2014 meeting

    The next COPE Forum meeting is being held on Tuesday 4 March 2014, 3–5pm (GMT). The COPE Forum will be held virtually via webinar. Download the agenda and materials here (PDF, 695kb). The invitation to join the webinar is below. We can accommodate up to 100 attendees, so please register quickly if you wish…
  • Flowcharts

    Persian: 14 flowcharts

    …This is COPE's flowcharts in Persian Other languages: Arabic | Chinese | Croatian | 
  • Flowcharts

    Ghost, guest, or gift authorship in a submitted manuscript

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