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  • Case

    Undisclosed conflict of interest

    …read “Conflicts of interest: None declared”, because “attending events” is not normally something that would be considered a COI. The authors approved the galleys and did not object to these copyediting changes. Shortly after publication, we received a 12-page letter from a journalist, detailing extensive undisclosed COIs of the authors. The letter was also addressed to another journal which…
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    In the news: December 2018 Digest

    …="" target="_blank">editorial.  A Corrigendum was issued after legal threats by copyright holders of a mobile app who demanded new acknowledgements, references and warnings to be added. Interestingly, the…
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    Case discussion: Consequence for dual submission

    …submission”, or “simultaneously submitted” return fewer cases. Performing a Boolean search for ["multiple submission" + "questionable behaviour (author)"] returns 12 cases: the case under discussion and 11 others. Case discussion In COPE Forum…
  • Case

    Authorship issue

    The editors of a scientific journal were sent a letter of complaint from Drs A and B who noticed that a paper had been published online ahead of the print edition authored by Dr C. Their primary complaint was that they were not included in the authorship and should have been. Other points made in their (rather confusing letters) were that: they had contributed to the paper in the sense t…
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    Case discussion: gift authorship

    …authorship came from further study of 81 of the hyperprolific authors. Of the 27 authors who completed a survey, 19 admitted failing to meet one of the four ICMJE authorship criteria in more than a quarter of their papers and 11 admitted failing to meet two or more…
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    Letter from the COPE co-Chairs: December 2018

    …="">Read December Digest: Authorship Issues | Peer Review Manipulation   (Image credit: Leaf changing colour. License: CC0 Public Domain…
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    Allegations of Misconduct webinar summary, April 2019

    …Allegations of Misconduct COPE Webinar 12 April, 2019 Watch and listen again to the recording of our Allegations of Misconduct webinar:  
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    In the news: February 2018 Digest

    …Requirements" at … which was still active as of February 7, 2018. Based heavily on the “Concordat on Open Research Data”, RCUK, 28th July 2016,
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    Authorship and Contributorship focus: an editor view and research institution view

    …members, and COPE has created dedicated resources to help address these issues, including: a guide for new researchers on handling authorship disputes, COPE discussion document on authorship (in the process of being…
  • Facilitation and Integrity FAQ

    …href="mailto:[email protected]" style="text-decoration:none;">[email protected] with any other queries. COPE resources are available under a CC BY-NC-ND license, and thus the resources may be used by journals and publishers regardless of whether they are COPE members. A reference to COPE materials or COPE standards on the journal’s…
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    In the news: September 2018 Digest

  • Case

    Request for a retraction of a retraction

    …remain on the drug being tested (perhaps treatment should be limited anyway, perhaps the drug is not licensed or available). The retracted paper showed few losses over 12–65 months of follow-up: 67 were in the experimental group, 65 completed; 68 were controls, 65 completed. Our journal recognises that nothing in this paragraph proves misconduct. We do not know why the author of the retracted…
  • Case

    Unusually frequent submission of articles by a single author

    A sixth year medical student, with expected year of graduation of 2013 (Mr X), submitted 29 original articles and 17 letters to the editor in the period February 2012 to October 2012 to our journal. This amounted to an average of five submissions per month. Mr X is an author and corresponding author in every article. Of these, he is the first author of eight original research articles and 12
  • Case

    Concerns over research by an author in numerous, separate publications

    Following on from the COPE Forum, I took on COPE’s advice and contacted the other editors that were listed at the end of the anonymous email that our editor received. There were 12 other editors and journals listed in this email, from a wide range of publishing houses. I have received five responses so far. One was apparently not aware of the email ever being sent. One asked a colleague to…
  • Seminars and webinars

    Webinar 2021: Diversity, equity and inclusion

    …="">post-publication author name changes.  She gave background to the COPE initiative, as a response to the increases in cases and queries about name changes, and highlighted a number of drafted recommendations  including: an author’s right to change their name for any reason; making the process for name change requests simple and unobstructed by demands for proof of identification; changing name details in xml, html…
  • The COPE Case Taxonomy

    …unethical).       Post-publication peer review PLAGIARISM (Taking/using/presenting others’ ideas, data/results, writings and inventions without giving due or appropriate credit to the originator)       Plagiarism       Plagiarism (published article)       Plagiarism (submitted article)  …
  • Guidelines

    Principles of Transparency and Best Practice in Scholarly Publishing

    Introduction The Committee on Publication Ethics (COPE), the Directory of Open Access Journals (DOAJ), the Open Access Scholarly Publishers Association (OASPA), and the World Association of Medical Editors (WAME) are scholarly o…
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    In the news: October Digest

    …disciplines were assessed using machine-assistance techniques to assess for inclusion of information relating to 19 topics on transparency in reporting and research integrity. The results showed that only Conflicts of Interests and Peer Review Type of the 19 were mentioned in over 1/2 of the instructions for authors. Plagiarism was mentioned in 46%. The other 16 topics (Such as data sharing, image…
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    In the news: June Digest

    …." target="_blank"> Post publication peer review of PLOS articles is unusual-occurring for only 7.4% papers and it has been declining. About 1/3 of such comments are procedural (like copy editing comments) and of the remaining, only about 1/2 discuss the content of the paper. The authors note that if post…