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2017: Presentations from the COPE China Seminar

The Pillars of Publication Ethics

COPE's first China Seminar held on 26 March 2017 at the Kempinkski Hotel, Beijing.

The future of plagiarism- Helen Zhang, Chief Editor, Journal of Zhejiang University-SCIENCE A/B & FITEE

Editing a journal on academic integrity: What to do when authors plagiarise their research on plagiarism!

2016. Presentations at the COPE Seminar

The COPE Seminar 2016 was held on Friday 13th May at 9600 Garsington Road, Oxford OX4 2DQ, UK

COPE Seminar 2015 programme [PDF, 79KB]

How to deal with plagiarism- Maria Kowalczuk, Research Integrity Group, BioMed Central

Publication ethics: a legal perspective- Tasmin Harwood, Associate Legal Counsel, John Wiley & Sons Ltd

2015: Presentations at the COPE Seminar

"An Introduction to Publication Ethics"

The COPE  Seminar 2015 was held on Monday 12 October 2015 at the Park Inn Hotel, London Heathrow, Bath Road Heathrow, Middlesex

COPE Seminar 2015: programme [PDF, 109 KB]

Plagiarism—how to get it down- Adrian Slater, Solicitor and Head of Legal Services, University of Leeds

2014: Presentations at COPE North American Seminar

"New technologies and behavior for identifying publication ethics issues"

The 2014 North American Seminar was held on Wednesday 13 August 2014

Mobile platforms, linked content, and copyright: issues and answers- Michael W Carroll, Creative Commons

OA and copyright—rights in and rights out- Mark Seely, Senior VP/General Counsel, Elsevier

2013: Presentations at the COPE European Seminar

Publication Ethics from Student to Professional

The COPE European Seminar took place on Friday 22 March 2013 at Charles Darwin House Conference Centre, 12 Roger Street, London WC1N 2JU, UK

COPE European Seminar Programme 2013

Good practices from 10 years of addressing student plagiarism — Gill Rowell, Academic Advisor at Turnitin

2010: Presentations at the UK Seminar

The COPE seminar 2010 took place on 26 March 2010 at Woburn House, Tavistock Sq, London

Download COPE 2010 UK Seminar programme [PDF, 36KB]

Plagiarism in the electronic age – Presented by Harold Sox, Dartmouth Medical School and the Dartmouth Institute

Cultural differences in plagiarism – Vasiliy Vlassov, Moscow Medical Academy

Plagiarism screening: An update from CrossCheck — Kirsty Meddings, CrossRef