RePAIR Consensus Guidelines

Following requests for comments (see below) on the RePAIR Consensus Guidelines, updates have now been made incorporating feedback:

Updated RePAIR Consensus Guidelines May 2017


The following guidelines emerged from the collaborative effort of a working group from the conference entitled Keeping the Pool Clean: Prevention and Management of Misconduct Related Retractions held on July 20-22nd in Fort Collins, Colorado, USA. The COPE Secretary, Charon Pierson, attended the conference and was one of the 20 member working group who participated in the development of these guidelines. The working group has expertise spanning multiple scientific and professional disciplines with representatives from 15 institutions, two US government agencies and five countries. Researchers, institutions, agencies, and publishers have complementary roles and responsibilities in maintaining the integrity of the research record. The following guidelines define the respective responsibilities of key stakeholders when questions arise regarding possible research or publication misconduct and identify barriers to communication as well as potential solutions.

RePAIR Consensus Guidelines

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