Concordat to Support Research Integrity

Professor Mike Farthing, vice-chair of the UK Research Integrity Office, founding chair of COPE and vice-chancellor of the University of Sussex, has written an article in the Times Higher Education on research misconduct in the UK.  He discusses the role of COPE, UKRIO (UK Research Integrity Office), and the Concordat to Support Research Integrity which was published this week.  

Driven by the main research funders and Universities UK, the Concordat aims to provide “a comprehensive national framework” for research governance.  The Concordat follows a meeting held in January this year, organised jointly by COPE and the BMJ, where a number of representatives from universities, funders, journals and lobby groups discussed research integrity in the UK.  This led to the publication of a consensus statement in the BMJ which advocated  that 'the UK’s mechanisms for ensuring good research conduct and investigating research misconduct need to be strengthened". 

The Concordat is also discussed in this week's Nature.




  • Posted by Jessica Monica, 13/4/2017 11.03pm

A current study completed by the UK lecturers` union demonstrates that very nearly a fourth of respondents rate their scholarly flexibility as restricted, poor or non-existent. In 30% of cases, that weight had originated from the association paying for the examination. Those with access to the reality of the situation are over and over again those with most to pick up from maintaining a strategic distance from it.Most stressing is the consequences of this loss of honesty on medical research. I am taking help in my education through and take best grades. A few specialists said they had been pressurized to modify comes about, postpone their distribution or even cover them. Scientists in each division realize that they should get positive outcomes into diaries. People in general loss of trust in science has achieved genuine extents and must be confronted unequivocally.

  • Posted by Emmie Samantha, 16/5/2017 11.49am

UK look into funders and different bodies distributed the Concordat to Support Research Integrity, setting out what activities they require managers and scientists to take in support of research trustworthiness. The Concordat additionally depicts how its creators will screen the execution of the new prerequisites.For more please visit our website :