Anesthesia and Analgesia publish editorial re: Fujii Statement of Concern

Anesthesia & Analgesia have published an editorial which discusses the retraction of eight manuscripts by Dr. Yoshitaka Fujii published under the auspices of Toho University, as well as his dismissal from the university.  The editorial continues by discussing the journal's concern over papers published by Dr Fujii in Anesthesia & Analegesia - concerns which were fist highlighted to the Editors in a Letter to the Editor by Kranke, Apfel, and Roewer alleging research fraud by Dr. Fujii back in April 2000.  In his editorial, the Editor-in-Chief, Steven Schafer, apologises to the readers as "the Journal’s response to the allegations of research fraud in the 2000 Letter to the Editor by Kranke and colleagues was inadequate".  The editorial goes on to list 24 papers by Dr Fujii published in Anesthesia & Analegesia which may represent fraudulent research and are now the subject of a statement of concern.

Schafer highlights that the journal has a responsibility to pursue allegations of misconduct no matter how old they are - a policy COPE supports as outlined in the Code of Conduct and Best Practice Guidelines for Journal Editors (clause 11).  The full editorial by Schafer can be read here.