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News / Forum discussion topic: Data Sharing

The topic for discussion at the next Forum (12 February 2016, 3.00pm GMT - more details to follow shortly) is ‘Data sharing’. Data sharing is increasingly viewed as an essential step in improving research transparency and reproducibility. There has been a lot of discussion on the imperative for data sharing in the biomedical arena, particularly of publicly funded research. As a result, there are many disciplines where proposals for data sharing are being discussed.

News / Revised and updated: A short guide to ethical editing for new editors

COPE's A Short Guide to Ethical Editing for New Editors has been fully revised and updated.  The guide aims to summarize key issues and provide advice and resources for new editors.  

The revised guide can be found here:

News / COPE Forum Meetings 2016

The quarterly COPE Forum meetings, where we discuss cases submitted by members, will take place in Februray, May, August and November. The Forums will be by webinar, except for the August Forum, which will be a face to face meeting in London during the INANE conference. 

News / COPE Forum: 9 December 2015

The next COPE Forum meeting is being held on Wednesday 9 December 2015, 12noon–1.30pm (GMT). The COPE Forum will be held virtually via webinar. The agenda and materials can be downloaded here (PDF 478kb).

The invitation to join the webinar is below. We can accommodate up to 100 attendees, so please register quickly if you wish to join in the discussion.

News / NEW! Discussion document on handling competing interests

This guidance has been drafted following a COPE Discussion Forum (9 December 2015, The aim of the document is to further encourage discussion and to capture a record of the issues around competing interests — especially when they arise after publication — to help inform and progress the debate, and to firm up guidance where that is indicated.

News / COPE endorsement of TOP Guidelines

COPE came into being to be help editors handle issues in publication ethics, with the underlying aim of ensuring the integrity of the published literature. Thus it has long supported initiatives that lead to better reporting of research, including for example the EQUATOR network.

News / COPE logo

Did you know that you can now download a unique COPE logo for your journal or website?

News / Two new flowcharts and two revisions

In collaboration with BioMed Central, COPE has developed two new flowcharts on how to respond to whistle blowers: 1) when concerns are raised directly (, and 2) when those concerns are raised via social media (

News / COPE endorses GPP3

COPE endorses Good Publication Practice for Communicating Company-Sponsored Medical Research: GPP3[1].

Authors working in corporate–academic research collaborations must follow appropriate ethical standards. GPP3 describes such standards, and promotes the ethical practices established by organisations like COPE, ICMJE, and WMA. 

News / COPE statement on Frontiers

Like the Directory of Open Access Journals (DOAJ) does now, COPE has a rigorous and stringent process for scrutinizing members before they are accepted and we review this process as needed. Frontiers has been a member of COPE since January 2015.