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News / AGM 2017

At COPE's recent AGM in November, Zoë Mullan, Ginny Barbour, Sally Weatherill and Adrian Ziderman stepped down as Trustees of COPE, at the end of their term. It is only possible to do the work of COPE with our hugely committed Trustees and we thank them for all their work.

News / Self-Citation: Where's the Line? - Forum discussion 13 November 2017

We'll be discussing "Self-Citation: Where's the Line?" during the COPE Forum on 13 November. You are welcome to add your comments on this topic before the Forum, whether or not you are planning on attending the Forum.

Members and non-members please leave your comments.

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News / Issues in peer review seen at COPE

What are the main issues in peer review?

News / Addressing the issues in peer review - LSE Impact Blog post

Post on LSE Impact Blog by Elizabeth Moylan and Charon Pierson "Addressing the issues in peer review - new guidelines available from COPE".

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News / New flowchart: What to Consider When Asked to Peer Review a Manuscript













News / New flowchart










News / Data Sharing Policies in Scholarly Publications: Interdisciplinary Comparisons

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COPE-funded research, presented as an abstract at the Peer Review Congress, 10-12 September 2017, Chicago.

We are follow up this COPE funded research by producing a discussion document on the issues surrounding data sharing policies and this is expected to be ready by early next year.

News / An analysis of peer review cases brought to COPE from 1997-2016

Elizabeth Moylan, COPE Council member, presented this abstract as a poster at the COPE at the Peer Review Congress, 10-12 September 2017, Chicago. 

An analysis of peer review cases brought to COPE from 1997-2016

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News / COPE pilot initiative: institutional membership

COPE has invited four institutions to take part in a COPE pilot that will help form a membership package of support and advice for research institutions: Caltech, Ottawa Hospital Research Institute and University of Ottawa, and Queensland University of Technology.