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News / Research integrity and how to buy a Persian carpet: TOP Guidelines, part 2

Transparency and Openness (TOP) Guidelines, part 2, are now in an ongoing draft Google doc for you to review. Here’s what they’re all about.











News / In the news: January 2018 Digest


In the era of Team Science, careful attention to authorship criteria is critical

News / January focus from Education Committee: Allegations of Misconduct

COPE’s Core Practice #1: Allegations of misconduct

Following on from our introductory overview of COPE’s Core Practices in the December issue of COPE Digest, this month we focus on the first core practice: Allegations of misconduct. The general statement describing this core practice is that:

News / COPE speaking events 2018

COPE speaking events 2018

News / December 2017 news

Humans Run Experiments, a Robot Writes the Paper

The future of automated scientific writing is upon us--and that's a good thing.
Robot writes paper


Fostering Integrity in Research

A consensus study report of The National Academies of Science, Engineering, Medicine.

News / COPE delegation, Beijing, 2017

A COPE delegation comprising the COPE co-Chair and Vice-Chair, Chris Graf and Deborah Poff, along with China based COPE Council members, Helena Wang and Jason Hu, and Japan based Council member Trevor Lane, me

t with some of China’s leading science and research organisations in Beijing last month.

News / New: Facilitation and Integrity Subcommittee

The COPE complaints process was established in 2010 (revised in 2014) as a means of providing independent guidance on disputed matters of publication ethics for our member editors and publishers.

While the members of the Complaints subcommittee have worked tirelessly to provide advice and to assist in resolving complaints brought to the subcommittee's attention, often those results have been frustrated by issues including:

News / Core Practices

News / Guidelines for Peer Reviewers Chinese version updated

COPE's Chinese verison of the Ethical Guidelines for Peer Reviewers have now been updated. The update reflects invited input from the publication ethics community and institutions in the COPE membership pilot, and replaces the previous translation.

News / Hong Kong University join COPE's pilot initiative

We are delighted to announce that Hong Kong University is now part of COPE's pilot that will help form a membership package of support and advice for research institutions.