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Letter from the COPE co-Chairs: January 2019

Journals vary greatly in almost all aspects of functioning; different disciplines, editorial roles, budgets and the size of journals will all influence how ethical issues are handled.


COPE Members: update your details

It’s a new year and time for fresh starts, including making sure your COPE member details are up to date.

Have you had a change of staff? New staff join your journal? Or changed your work email contacts?

It’s quick and easy to update your details and ensure you and your colleagues can access all COPE resources:


Survey reveals need for guidance on places to publish

A survey carried out by Think. Check. Submit. has revealed a strong demand from both researchers and librarians for guidance about where to publish and an appreciation of the services that the initiative offers.


Diversity in Peer Review: Survey Results

Diversity in Peer Review


In the news: December 2018 Digest

Plan S analysis


Letter from the COPE co-Chairs: December 2018

New colours: Bringing people together to promote integrity and ethics in research publishing


Letter from the COPE co-Chairs: November 2018

My initial introduction to COPE many years ago occurred when, as an editor of a peer reviewed journal, a reviewer called to my attention, a blatant example of fabrication in a manuscript in which years and volumes of references had been altered to make them more current. I contacted COPE, presented the case at a Forum, and received excellent advice and consultation. This ultimately resulted in numerous retractions of manuscripts published by this researcher, across three journals.


In the news: November 2018 Digest

Post publication discussion and corrections