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June 2018


COPE at CSE Annual Meeting, New Orleans USA

COPE Council members participated in several discussions at the Council of Science Editors (CSE) annual meeting in New Orleans, LA.


COPE at COMPARE Life Sciences Workshop on Authorship, UK

“Communication let me down…”

Well it may do (to borrow a lyric from ‘Communication’ by Spandau Ballet), but it doesn’t have to, if communication channels are kept open. That was the take home message following a stimulating afternoon tackling some big questions around authorship with early career researchers of the joint COMPARE (Centre of Membrane Proteins and Receptors) initiative.


In the news: June 2018 Digest

Ethical Oversight

The Science and Technology Committee of the UK House of Commons met on May 8, 2018 to discuss research integrity.  The transcript and a video of the meeting is available on The Science and Technology Committee.


COPE Forum discussion: Preprints: continuing the conversation

Preprint platforms have been common in physics and mathematics but the preprint landscape is changing rapidly with new platforms emerging across various disciplines. This raises opportunities for discussion across communities and for all those involved: preprint platforms, journals, authors, funders and institutions.


Letter from the COPE co-Chairs: June 2018

I once witnessed a heated discussion between a director of research and a clinical director in a community health care clinic. The clinical director was questioning a proposed quality improvement study, investigating employee bias around sensitive patient care information and the influence of employee attitudes on the delivery of health care.


COPE Education Subcommittee focus: Ethical Oversight

This month in our ongoing exploration of COPE’s core principles, we focus on Core Practice #6: Ethical Oversight. COPE’s general statement on this core practice reads as follows: