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January 2018


COPE statement on censorship

  • COPE subscribes to and promotes the principles of academic freedom and editorial independence that underpin the pursuit of knowledge inherent in research and academic work.
  • COPE understands that some countries have made requests or instituted practices that interfere with and restrict the communication and distribution of scientific research results. This conflicts with principles to which COPE subscribes.

Research integrity and how to buy a Persian carpet: TOP Guidelines, part 2

Transparency and Openness (TOP) Guidelines, part 2, are now in an ongoing draft Google doc for you to review. Here’s what they’re all about.












In the news: January 2018 Digest


In the era of Team Science, careful attention to authorship criteria is critical


January focus from Education Committee: Allegations of Misconduct

COPE’s Core Practice #1: Allegations of misconduct

Following on from our introductory overview of COPE’s Core Practices in the December issue of COPE Digest, this month we focus on the first core practice: Allegations of misconduct. The general statement describing this core practice is that: