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May 2013


COPE Forum agenda and materials: 3 June 2013 meeting

Download the agenda and materials for the COPE Forum meeting 3 June 2013 here (PDF 152kb).


Ginny Barbour guest speaker for iThenticate webcast series

Ginny Barbour was recently one of two guest speakers for iThenticate's Plagiarism Webcast Series: 5 biggest challenges from the front lines of scholarly publishing,  You can listen to Ginny discussing the challenges facing scholarly publishing, or see the transcript, here.  


Article on COPE's Ethical Guidelines for Peer Reviewers published in ISMTE's newsletter, EON

Irene Hames discusses COPE's Ethical Guidelines for Peer Reviewers in ISMTE's newsletter, EON.  You can read it here.  

(Thank you to ISMTE for making this freely available)