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August 2010

Opinion / Problems with getting due credit in publishing in academic chemistry

There’s coverage in the Times Higher Education  of a paper on the perception of academic credit among academic chemists in the US, published in the journal Accountability in Research in July 2010.

Opinion / Should editorials be signed?

There’s a new post at the Scientist about differing practices among journals on the signing of editorials. The piece only discusses biomedical journals - among those relatively few journals have ones just signed by the journal; more and more are signed directly by the authors and some (like the journal I work at) does something in between. We’d be interested to hear what journals at COPE do, especially those outside of biomedicine – are there differences in tradition according to the journal's speciality?


Forum agenda for 6 September 2010 meeting

Download the agenda and materials for the 6 September 2010 Forum (Download PDF, 168kb).


Ethical editing – Autumn 2010 issue

Download the Autumn issue of Ethical Editing, the newsletter from COPE (
This issue's theme is ‘Correcting editorial inequalities’. We would very much welcome any feedback or comments you may have. Please contact us via the website.


COPE Competition!

Can you sum up COPE in a single phrase? We're looking for a new slogan for our homepage. Can you suggest something better than 'Helping journals to get their houses in order'? If we get lots of good suggestions we may ask members to vote on them. There's no prize except the chance to know your creative talents have contributed to our website! Click on the link below to submit your suggestion.

Opinion / Open peer review experiment at the Shakespeare Quarterly

The New York Times just posted an interesting story of how a group of scholars in the humanities are experimenting with open peer review. The experiment is happening in the Shakespeare Quarterly in a special issue on, appropriately, Shakespeare and New Media.


Dates of future COPE meetings


Monday 7 March 2011 (deadline for cases 21 February)

Monday 6 June 2011 (deadline for cases 23 May)

Tuesday 6 September 2011 (deadline for cases 23 August)

Tuesday 6 December 2011 (deadline for cases 22 November)

Opinion / No director in sight for the ORI?

A recent item on the site of the Report on Research Compliance (run by the National Council of University Research Administrators)  discussed the longstanding vacancy at the head of the Office for Research Integrity in the USA.

Opinion / Costs of research misconduct

All too often the efforts of editors to expose misconduct in research and publication come to nothing because the authors' institutions either ignore the problem or fail to act on it.

Opinion / Manuscript editors and plagiarism

 The August issue of European Science Editing (the EASE journal) contains an interesting article by Mary Ellen Kerans and Marje de Jager about how manuscript editors can detect plagiarism and help authors avoid it. The article includes helpful definitions of problems such as copy-paste writing and micro-plagiarism. 

European Science Editing 36(3):62-5


Opinion / 2nd World Conference on Research Integrity

COPE Vice-Chair, Sabine Kleinert has reported on the 2nd World Conference on Research Integrity in Singapore and COPE’s involvement in developing international standards for authors and editors in a Lancet commentary.

Opinion / Blog highlights retractions

Two US journalists have created a blog about retractions ( They argue that retractions are an important mechanism for correcting the research literature but may not be easy to find or well-publicised.

Opinion / Outcome Reporting Among Drug Trials Registered in

A paper published in the Annals of Internal Medicine this week looked at associations between the funding sources of 546 registered trials of drugs in 5 commonly prescribed classes and published outcomes, using data from