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Research data publishing ethics with FORCE11

COPE working with FORCE11 research data publishing ethics 

Increases in research data-sharing practices have highlighted a growing number of ethical challenges related to the sharing and publication of datasets. While ethical best practices, guidelines, and recommendations for addressing ethical issues related to journal articles are well documented, there are currently no established ethics standards, guidelines, or recommendations for data publications. In order to address this gap, COPE is collaborating with the FORCE11 Research Data Publishing Ethics Working Group.

The Working Group aims to develop guidance to support repositories, journal publishers, and institutions in handling ethical cases they may encounter in the context of publishing research data. The Working Group will develop documentation and resources outlining categories and examples of data ethics cases, proposed workflows for addressing them, and recommendations for cross-organisational participation and action. 

The Working Group includes representatives of COPE Council, as well as government, non-profit and commercial publishing organisations, and data repositories, bringing perspectives from across four countries. The group welcomes participation from stakeholders from relevant areas.

If you are interested in participating, join the FORCE11 Working Group.