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In the news: September 2018 Digest

Peer review processes

Is there a problem around diversity and inclusion in peer review?

Gender and international diversity improves equity in peer review

Uptake and outcome of manuscripts in Nature journals by review model and author characteristics. Study of double- versus single-blinded manuscript peer review: "The proportion of authors that choose double-blind review is higher when they submit to more prestigious journals, they are affiliated with less prestigious institutions, or they are from specific countries; the double-blind option is also linked to less successful editorial outcomes.

How do young career-scientists think peer review can be improved?

Creating a culture of diversity and inclusion in scholarly publishing

Open letter on the publication of peer review reports. Journals sign letter in support of publishing peer reviews

Nature editorial on the right of reviewers to request detail and data for review. Peer reviewers should not feel pressured to produce a report if key data are missing. 

What is open annotation and why could it be important for scholarly communications? 

Publishing peer reviews – call for journals to sign a pledge to make reviewers’ anonymous comments part of the official s cientific record

Post-publication peer review in biomedical journals: overcoming obstacles and disincentives to knowledge sharing

The European Research Council (ERC), Europe’s most prestigious funding programme, is to start accepting publications that have not yet been peer reviewed as part of applicants’ track records

Predatory publishing

The problem of predatory publishing

Indian government ‘Will end menace of predatory journals’

Revisiting some of the coverage of predatory publishing over the years

Open access/open science

Interactive report from the European Commission—'Trends for open access for publications': Covers gold and green publications by country and discipline, and also funder and journal policies on open access and open data

Measuring openness: is the best way of incentivising open scholarship to measure it?

How Unpaywall is transforming open science

Data and reproducibility

A toolkit for data transparency takes shape

How we judge research outputs when making funding decisions. Steps Wellcome is taking to fulfil the principles of the San Francisco Declaration on Research Assessment (DORA)

The UK’s four higher education funding bodies have published the draft guidance and criteria on making submissions to the Research Excellence Framework (REF) 2021, for consultation ledarrangementsforref2021.html

Are you liable for misconduct by scientific collaborators?


In research domains where authors are listed alphabetically on papers (eg economics and physics), those closer to A none the less fare better in career terms

Intellectual Property

India cracks down on plagiarism at universities

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