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Mediterranean Editors and Translators Meeting 2018

COPE council member Iria del Río shares her experience of the #METM18 conference where she was a keynote speaker, workshop presenter and attendee on the blog Signs and Symptoms of Translation. Here's an excerpt:

"On Friday morning, I switched roles from attendee to trainer, giving a workshop entitled “Delve into COPE cases” to a small, well-versed group of translators and editors. participants tackled cases that questioned authorship, peer-review and post-publication corrections. Along the way, we discussed issues such as plagiarism, criteria for authorship and the legal implications of licensing and copyright, giving participants new insights into and confidence with ethical issues in academic publishing.

I felt at home delivering my keynote speech 'Credit and merit: toward a transparent, ethical publishing culture'. In my talk, I reviewed past and present notions of authorship and contributorship, highlighted their non-universal nature, pointed out relevant guidelines, standards and resources, and discussed how they differ across disciplines. I kept my speech short, won a few smiles and received warm applause. After the plenary itself, we had plenty of time for questions and discussion, including an exchange on ways in which underrepresented translators could be credited."

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