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Letter from the COPE co-Chairs: September 2018


Peer Review Week 2018, is here! And the question PRW is asking us all is “What does diversity mean to you?”

Do you remember the first Peer Review Week, back in 2015? From that ambitious start the PRW conversation evolved via “recognition for review” in 2016, where our community explored “all aspects of how those participating in review should be recognized for their contribution”.

In 2017, PRW focused on an important theme for all members of COPE, “transparency.” That theme is more relevant now than ever. This month a coalition of public research funders in Europe published “cOAlition S: Making Open Access a Reality by 2020.” Check it out! And so the research transparency story continues, apace, and gathers momentum. You can expect more from COPE on transparency in 2019, including a symposium on new ideas to promote transparency at the World Conference on Research Integrity in 2019.

PRW this year focuses our attention on diversity and inclusivity. Have a look at a roundup of all the great initiatives that COPE and COPE volunteers are contributing, written by COPE Secretary Charon Pierson.

At COPE, we celebrate diversity. We make it real, in part, with our wonderful team of elected volunteers on COPE Council. We are from all around the world, we are gender-diverse, and we cross the research disciplines. So we share our thanks and appreciation to the people and organisations who set the agenda for PRW this year, and who make it work, year after year: Thank you!

Please, enjoy Peer Review Week. And do make your voice heard. #PeerReviewWeek18

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COPE co-chairs Chris Graf and Geri Pearson