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Letter from the COPE co-Chairs: February 2019

Hello, to a spectacular seminar and to our first look at COPE’s AHSS research

This month let’s have some hellos and goodbyes. Our hellos are to COPE’s growing emphasis in the arts, humanities, and social sciences.

So hello, and thank you, to all the good people who are contributing their expertise to the programme for our forthcoming seminar in Philadelphia. The theme is "Issues of Inclusivity and Diversity in the Humanities and Social Sciences," and the line-up is spectacular. We have Peter Berkery, Margo Greenwood, and Karin Wulf speaking on diversity and inclusivity for you. We have Katherine Burton, Michael V Dougherty, and Rebecca Kennison speaking on publication ethics policies in the arts, humanities, and social sciences for you. Plus we have a classic COPE case workshop for you. What a line up! Thanks to everyone who’s been working so hard to design the event. Please, register and make sure you’re with us there.

And hello to COPE’s research with the publisher Routledge and the agency Shift Learning. We’re surveying arts, humanities and social sciences journal editors about their experiences of publishing ethics issues in their subject areas. We’ll share results for the first time at our seminar in Philadelphia, and use what we learn to shape COPE’s approach to providing new publishing ethics resources, including resources designed specifically for ethical issues which are found only in these areas. Be there!

Goodbye, to a good friend

We’d like to share fond and warm farewell with Liz Wager, flowchart magician, cat/poetry lover, and Chair of COPE between 2009 and 2012. Liz, thank you for everything.

Many of us at COPE will remember the inspiration and clarity (and laughs) that Liz brought during her term as COPE Chair. We’ll remember the flowcharts (so easy to remember, because we use them every day, right?). Those were formative days for COPE. COPE was finding its feet, beginning its journey from a small informal collection of people who shared an interest in 1997, via formal registration as a charity in 2007, and onwards to the membership organisation we are now with more than 12,000 members and many, many valuable resources that people all over the world use. Liz was one of the good people that got COPE started on our amazing journey. So it is with great warmth that we wish you, Liz, all COPE’s very best for your retirement, and all the very best for what comes next (including The Poetic Mews: cats and their poets “the story of some of history's literary giants through their cats, written in their own singular literary style.” Purrrfect! Check it out). Again thank you, Liz.

Image credit: danBLOO [Public domain], from Wikimedia Commons

COPE co-chairs Chris Graf and Geri Pearson 






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