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COPE endorses EASE SAGER guidelines

COPE endorses the Sex and Gender Equity in Research (SAGER) guidelines developed by the European Association of Science Editors (EASE). 

The vision of the EASE Gender Policy Committee is "Greater gender diversity in science and publishing practices for enhanced quality, diversity and transparency for science to remain at the forefront of innovation". The Committee works to advance gender- and sex-sensitive reporting and communication in science. The goal is not only better science, whether in the life, natural or social sciences, but also enhanced evidence-based practices, interventions and opportunities, for both women and men.

SAGER Guidelines

Most scientific publications still fail to report on potential sex and gender differences and similarities in studies that include both sexes. Journal editors have an important role as gatekeepers of science and can encourage disaggregation of data by sex as a matter of routine and inclusion of gender analysis, when appropriate. A key task of the Committee was to review and propose applicable standards and practice.

The SAGER Guidelines are a comprehensive procedure for reporting of sex and gender information in study design, data analysis, results and interpretations of findings. They are primarily designed to guide authors in preparing their manuscripts but they are also useful for reviewers and editors to integrate assessment of sex and gender into all manuscripts as an integral part of the editorial process.

To see the SAGER Guidelines in full and endorse them on behalf of your journal or institution visit the EASE website