The thread running through this month’s Digest is collaboration. In simple terms, collaborative work is distributed work across many individuals, institutions, or businesses. Collaboration implies individuals or groups sharing their expertise to solve problems, create new solutions, and explore new horizons. COPE embodies the ethos of collaboration to accomplish its mission of promoting integrity in research and its publication.

An example of collaboration between institutions and the scholarly publishing community is seen in the two perspectives on issues related to data and reproducibility. One perspective comes from COPE's Education subcommittee and the other comes from COPE’s institutional partners. In order to collaborate, associates and partners need to communicate openly and put aside personal desires, which is thoughtfully communicated in the “Opinion on Opinions” commentary by the COPE vice-chair.

Numerous other collaborative activities are detailed in the Digest and include an upcoming workshop with the “Russell Group” and COPE members (mix of publishers and editors) to discuss research integrity and publication ethics. This is planned for April 2018 at Birmingham University, UK. A report will be produced following the workshop. COPE seminars are planned for China, Australia, North America and Chile throughout the coming year. 

As always, we would be happy to receive your feedback and look forward to collaborating with you in 2018!

COPE co-chairs Geri Pearson and Chris Graf

February Digest has more on research integrity, allegations of misconduct and the regular news and events update.