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Appointment of new COPE Ombudsman

COPE is very pleased to announce the appointment of the new COPE Ombudsman, Suzanne Morris. Suzanne Morris is the Postgraduate Coordinator at the Sustainable Minerals Institute, University of Queensland, Australia. Suzanne also holds the role of Research Integrity Officer at the University of Queensland. Suzanne is passionate about research integrity and developing skills in research higher degree students and early career researchers to help them negotiate the path to achieving successful research careers. Suzanne is also a well known speaker on the subject of negotiating for authorship and author order.

The COPE Ombudsman is a voluntary position. The Ombudsman adjudicates complaints brought against COPE by its members; appeals against COPE rulings or advice relating to complaints against COPE members for not following the COPE codes of conduct for editors and publishers; or if two or more members cannot agree on how to handle a complaint involving both their publications.