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  1. Map of Medicine

    Head of Clinical Operations: 
    Charlie Young
  2. Marie-Andree Jacob

  3. Michael Altus

  4. Michael J Wise

  5. MJG Farthing

    Mike Farthing - 1st Nov 2008

    Position:  Contact title:  Professor Name (first):  MJG Name (second):  Farthing ...

  6. National Library of Medicine

    Rebecca Stanger
  7. Nepal Association of Medical Editors (NAME)

  8. Nicola Osborne

  9. Noemie Aubert Bonn

  10. Oxford PharmaGenesis

    Managing Director: 
    Christopher Winchester
  11. P Wilmshurst

    Peter Wilmshurst - 1st Nov 2008

    Position:  Contact title:  Dr Name (first):  P Name (second):  Wilmshurst ...

  12. Patrick Hughes

  13. Quality Medical Knowledge Foundation

    Vasumathi Sriganesh
  14. Research Square

    Ben Mudrak
  15. Robert B Daroff

  16. Sanjin Uležić

  17. SCIndeks: The Serbian Citation Index

    President of Management Board: 
    Pero Sipka
  18. Stephen O’Hagan

  19. Tatsuya Okada

  20. ThinkSCIENCE

    Caryn Jones
  21. Trevor Lane

  22. University of Hail

    Assistant Professor: 
    Rizal Angelo Grande
  23. Veronique Delpire

  24. Virginia Barbour

  25. Zamen Salamati co. Ltd

    Reza Assadi