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ReviewerCredits is an independent spin-off company endorsed by the university of Milan Bicocca, dedicated to scientists, journals and publishers, addressing the peer review process.  While several metrics exist to give a dimension to the activity of scientists as authors, no metric exists to measure their activity as peer reviewers and conference speakers. With reviewers in mind, through a dedicated platform ReviewerCredits ensures scientists receive appropriate recognition, certification and visibility for the peer reviews they perform, so that this data can be added to their curricula and become instrumental in career advancement. ReviewerCredits also rewards reviewers for their activity through virtual credits, which enable them, through its online store, to access products and services specifically selected for academics, at discounted rates. This is the first and only platform where reviewers receive not only certification for their activity, but earn a reward for it. ReviewerCredits has integrated APIs and plugins to connect with selected peer review portals.

Contact: [email protected]

Giacomo Bellani