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Journal membership application form

If you experience any problems when you submit the application form, please email us at [email protected].


  • Applicants must have been publishing for at least 1 year before they can apply for membership 

  • Applicants must agree to apply the COPE principles of publication ethics outlined in the Core Practices.

  • Only complete forms will be considered

How applications are assessed:

  • The Principles of Transparency and Best Practice in Scholarly Publishing form part of the criteria we use to evaluate publishers and journals, expecting publishers to adhere to them and follow the spirit of the principles in all aspects of their publishing operation

  • In addition to the Principles of Transparency, the Membership Administrator will evaluate the application by:
     -  Using the information and supporting documentation supplied on the application form
     -  Reviewing the publisher/journal website(s) to research the application
     -  Other sources, if deemed relevant, for example: feedback from Editorial Board members and publicly available information.

  • COPE will research reports of practices that don't apply our principles of publication ethics outlined in the Core Practices.

  • The Membership Administrator will supply the Membership subcommittee with all relevant documentation based on review and research of the application. The Membership subcommittee will make the final decision on membership, based on the application, the information reviewed and more subtle forms of assessment using the Membership subcommittee's experience.


  • All correspondence to members is sent via email unless otherwise requested

  • COPE reserves the right to withdraw membership if incorrect information is given in this form or comes to light after membership is approved.

  • COPE may ask for additional information in relation to your application

Read first

We recommend applicants read our Membership application FAQ, which summarises the most frequently asked questions we receive in relation to applications for membership. 


Applicant details
(Dr, Prof)
Editor-in-chief details
(Dr, Prof)
CURRICULUM VITAE (CV) OF EDITOR-IN-CHIEF The Editor-in-Chief's CV should be NO MORE than 4 pages, and MUST include current employment, employment over the past 5 years and details of 5 recent publications and publishing experience. Failure to provide the CV in this format may significantly delay processing of your application
Files must be less than 2 MB.
Allowed file types: pdf doc docx odt.
Journal details
Please include the journal name in full
Please select from the dropdown list the main subject area of your journal
Please provide a website link to a statement of the publishing schedule (eg, weekly, monthly, quarterly)
Publisher details


Please provide details of a contact person at your publisher or for your owner. We may contact this person regarding the information you have supplied for the journal.

Have you read the COPE Core Practices?
Please give details
As a member of COPE, you agree to abide by COPE's process for handling concerns or issues raised against its members, and agree to participate in a dialogue with COPE in the rare event that a complaint is raised against you. COPE reserves the right to take further action, which could include suspension or termination of membership, if a members refuses to engage or co-operate with COPE in addressing a concern or issue raised against them. Please confirm that you have read and understood “How COPE handles submitted concerns about its members"
Please provide a website link to the journal's editorial board.
Please provide a link to information about the ownership and/or management of the journal on the journal website. Publishers should not use organisational names that would mislead potential authors and editors about the nature of the journal’s owner

Please provide names and email addresses of 8 editorial board members that we can contact as part of our review of your application. If we do not receive responses from editorial board members in a timely fashion we will not be able to process your application.


Please provide a link to the full names and affiliations of the journal’s editors on the journal website.
Please provide a link to contact information for the editorial office.
Please provide a website link to the journal’s processes and policies for identification of/dealing with allegations of misconduct (eg, plagiarism, falsification/fabrication of data, etc).
Please provide a link to a statement of the journal’s process for authors to submit a complaint
Please provide a website link to the journal’s policies on handling potential conflicts of interest of editors, authors, and reviewers. Please also provide a link to the journal’s process for handling submissions from editors, employees, or members of the editorial board to ensure unbiased review. If you do not have a link to this information, please explain your policy and tell us why it is not on the journal website
COPE will consider membership only for journals that are peer reviewed. Please provide a link to the peer review policy on the journal website. Include a link to any inhouse Code of Conduct you are required to abide by
Please provide a website link to the journal’s guidance to authors
Please provide a website link to the journal’s criteria for authorship and/or who should be listed as a contributor
Does your journal require any fees or charges for manuscript processing and/or publishing? If so, please provide a link to this information on the journal website
Please provide a website link or links to information describing how the journal is supported—for example, what are the journal’s revenue sources (author fees, subscriptions, advertising, reprints, institutional support, organisational support?)
Does your journal publish papers that are subscription/fee based?
Does the journal accept advertising?
Please provide a website link to information on what types of advert will be considered, who makes decisions regarding accepting adverts, and whether they are linked to content or reader behaviour (online only) or are displayed at random
Does the journal have a plan for electronic backup and preservation of access to the journal content (for example, access to main articles via CLOCKSS or PubMedCentral) in the event that the journal is no longer published? Please provide a link to your 3rd party archive service. If you do not use an archive service please explain why.

COPE Council will consider applications for reduced member fees or fee waivers, based on COPE's ‘Membership fee waivers and reductions policy’
Applications for reduced member fees or fee waivers will only be considered for journals based in a Research4Life/HINARI country ( or in a low-income or middle-income country based on data from the World Bank (
Please complete below if you wish to apply for a reduction or a waiver of the member fees.

Please provide any additional relevant information