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  • Flowcharts

    General approach to publication ethics for the editorial office

    A guide detailing the suggested approach to the organisation of the editorial office in order to comply with COPE’s Core Practices. General approach to publication ethics for the editorial office
  • Flowcharts

    All Flowcharts

    …COPE Flowcharts COPE flowcharts offer a step by step process, for practical use on handling different aspects of publication ethics issues.  Allegations of misconduct Reviewer suspected to have appropriated an author’s ideas or data
  • Flowcharts

    Suspected ethical problem in a submitted manuscript

    COPE's guidance, as a flowchart, on what to do if you suspect an ethical problem with a submitted manuscript.  Suspected ethical problem in a submitted manuscript
  • Flowcharts

    Arabic: all flowcharts

    …This is all of COPE's flowcharts in Arabic. Other languages: Chinese | Croatian | English | 
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    Chinese: all flowcharts

    …This is COPE's flowcharts in Chinese Other languages: Arabic | Croatian | English | 
  • Flowcharts

    Croatian: all flowcharts

    …This is COPE's flowcharts in Croatian Other languages: Arabic | Chinese | English | 
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    French: all flowcharts

    …This is COPE's flowcharts in French. Other languages: Arabic | Chinese | Croatian | 
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    Italian: all flowcharts

    …This is COPE's flowcharts in Italian Other languages: Arabic | Chinese | Croatian | 
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    Japanese: all flowcharts

    …This is COPE's flowcharts in Japanese Other languages: Arabic | Chinese | Croatian | 
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    Persian: 14 flowcharts

    …This is COPE's flowcharts in Persian Other languages: Arabic | Chinese | Croatian | 
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    Polish: all flowcharts

    …This is COPE's flowcharts in Polish Other languages: Arabic | Chinese | Croatian | 
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    Spanish: All flowcharts

    …This is COPE's flowcharts in Spanish Other languages: Arabic | Chinese | Croatian | 
  • Flowcharts

    Turkish: all flowcharts

    …This is COPE's flowcharts in Turkish Other languages: Arabic | Chinese | Croatian | 
  • Guidelines

    Ethics toolkit for a successful editorial office

    …A COPE guide To help ensure the integrity of the scholarly record and the publication process, editorial offices should define and implement best practices in publication ethics. This COPE guide is a comprehensive toolkit that explains expected ethical practices in scholarly publishing, and highlights resources for editorial offices to develop their codes of ethical conduct and practic…
  • Guidelines

    Sharing of information among editors-in-chief regarding possible misconduct

    Sharing of information among editors-in-chief (EICs) regarding cases of suspected misconduct can play a significant role in preserving the integrity of the scientific record, allowing EICs of affected journals to conduct investigations with greater efficiency and effectiveness.
  • Case

    Where should journals escalate serious concerns about an institution or institutional review board?

    A publisher received a submission to one of their journals that raised ethical concerns. The concerns were related to potential harm or undue risk for participants who may be vulnerable. The publisher reviewed the ethics approval statement, and the authors had met the journal’s policy requirements by prospectively obtaining ethics approval from their institution before beginning the rese…
  • Translated resources

    El editor y los revisores solicitan que se cite su trabajo: caso

    La oficina editorial tuvo conocimiento de una carta de decisión en la que un editor solicitaba a un autor que citase un artículo publicado por el propio editor. Una investigación en mayor profundidad destapó un patrón de comportamiento preocupante: el editor solicitaba en las cartas (incluidos también los comentarios de los revisores) que se añadiesen citaciones de sus trabajos en más de 50 cas…
  • Translated resources

    Proceso de revisión por pares comprometido en artículos publicados: caso

    Al percatarse de un alto volumen de envíos del autor A, el editor X mostró su preocupación sobre los revisores sugeridos por el autor y sus comentarios. El autor A había sugerido en la mayoría de los casos los mismos revisores para todos los envíos, los revisores sugeridos tenían direcciones de correo electrónico imposibles de verificar, los comentarios se devolvían muy rápido (en 24 horas) y e…
  • Case
    Case Closed

    Author displays bullying behaviour towards handling editor

    A handling editor rejected a paper without review, after consulting with a senior editor. The corresponding author sent an appeal about 2 weeks later where he requested that the paper be given a second chance and be sent for peer review. He added that, in case of a new decision to reject without review, the editor should provide a detailed response to a number of questions and comments raised i…
  • Seminars and webinars

    European Seminar 2019: Exploring Publication Ethics Issues in the Arts, Humanities, and Social Sciences

    We set out to ask: •Are AHSS editors aware of COPE and how can we best communicate our services to them? •What issues are they dealing with that are problematic and what do they need in terms of support? •What is COPE not currently providing? Respondents were asked to report issues that were most widespread and frequent: 1) Addressing langu…