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COPE Forum: Tuesday 23 March 2021

23 March 2021 - 2:00pm

The 23 March 2021 COPE Forum will be held at 14:00-15:30pm (GMT). COPE Members can now register to attend the March Forum; the deadline to register is Monday 22 March.

The discussion topic will be on the subject on publication ethics and books. This will be followed by discussion and advice among attendees on members' cases submitted in advance.


Forum agenda and minutes

1. Update on COPE activities by the Chair

2. Forum discussion: ethical considerations around book publishing

3. New cases

  • 21-01 Preprint plagiarism
  • 21-02 Author anonymity at the final proofreading stages
  • 21-03 Author alleges discrimination by institutional report

4. Updates to cases previously brought to the COPE Forum

  • 20-02 Institution wants to retract despite ongoing legal proceedings
  • 20-06 Ethics approval for survey design
  • 20-09 How to respond to a reader's repeated concerns
  • 20-11 Unable to contact authors
  • 20-13 Author requesting removal of verbatim text from published paper
  • 20-14 Reviewer's identity revealed

Cases with questions for the Forum (PDF)

COPE Forum: Tuesday 23 March 2021

The Forum will run from 2:00-3:30pm GMT

Registration is now open to COPE members.