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Detecting misconduct | New cases, April 2022

In response to Russia's unprovoked attack on Ukraine, Dan Kulp reiterates COPE's position as an organisation focused on integrity in research and its publication: to uphold the understanding that the consideration and communication of research results has no geopolitical boundaries and that editorial decisions should be independent of the origin of the manuscript.

In our latest guest article, find out more about a project to detect integrity issues and prevent them entering the scientific record more quickly. Publishers can sign up to hear more about the project or join one of the working groups.

We publish a new case discussion written to develop guidance and advice around a recent COPE Forum case: Is there a time limit for submitting a critique of a published article? More cases discussed at the March Forum are now available to read.

A recent addition to COPE's translated resources is the Spanish language version of the Retraction Guidelines: Guías para la retracción.

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