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Gift authorship | diversity, equity and inclusion webinar, May 2021 (Volume 9, Issue 4)

Dan Kulp introduces this month's Digest as he enters his 3 year term as COPE Chair.  

We introduce a case discussion on gift authorship, an issue as relevant now as it was when the lead case in the discussion was presented to the COPE Forum in 2007. The advice given by fellow COPE members are added to in the discussion with further analysis of this and similar cases, with links to useful resources and tools.

Coming up on 28 May, our webinar for COPE members is around diversity, equity and inclusion. Registration is now open, until 27 May.

The discussion at our last Forum on ethical considerations around book publishing is now available, as well as three new cases brought to the Forum by members, for discussion and advice: preprint plagiarism, author anonymity at the final proofreading stages, author alleges discrimination by institutional report. 

Also the regular roundup of publication ethics news, collated by COPE Council.

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